Sex robots, female, children and future dystopia


05 Jul 2017

What are child sex robots, and why should you care?

Love doesn't differentiate between gender, age, caste, race, ethnicity, humans, and robots. No, that last bit wasn't a mistake on my part. Sex robots are apparently a thing now.

And according to reports, in some countries, they are quite popular. That's fine but the problem is related to the rise of child sex robots in this category of porn/love craze.

Here's all about it.


The future is not all rosy

The future is not all rosy

There is a future, where it will be quite common for humans and robots to have coitus. At least that's what Prof Noel Sharkey believes.

Till date, only a handful of companies are making sex robots but as technology progresses, the numbers will increase, says Prof Sharkey.

Usage of sex robots will not be a taboo, in fact, it would be quite commonplace.


There is darkness under neon lights

However, along with sexual needs, sexual perversions will also migrate in this area. There should be some definite lines drawn.

Prof Sharkey's report "Our sexual future with robots" says, the import of sexual robots designed to look like children should be a strict no.

Policymakers should intervene to nip this practice in the bud, otherwise, humanity's moral compass would become askew.

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Still a bad dream?

Still a bad dream?

"We need to think as a society what we want to do about it. I don't know the answers - I am just asking the questions." This is a clarion call.

We cannot deny what the report says. Sex robots, with human-like silicon skin, articulated metal skeletons and realistic features are in vogue in several countries. This is not science fiction but fact.


Regulation of perversion

The report tries to draw some guidelines as to where these robots can be used - as prostitutes in brothels, as sexual companions for adults and now it's veering towards a category which is troubling.

These robots can also be used as a sexual therapy tool for rapists or pedophiles - a category which is a double-edged sword.


Halt and catch fire

Halt and catch fire

A majority of the sci-fi fans have seen the TV series Westworld, an amusement park where lifelike robots are mercilessly killed and brutally raped. Humanity shows its worse and gets away with it because the victims are robots.

What if the same treatment transpires into the real world? Pedophiles, sexual deviants would use robots for beta testing until their next human victim comes along.


The world is not as it seems

Dr. Kathleen Richardson, a robot ethicist brings forward the obvious question, "Why does the report have a picture of a male robot on the cover when we know that the doll market - which is driving this - is mainly female dolls?"

Female and children robots could be subjected to sexual torture as make-believes of the real thing. Humanity, it's your call.

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