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12 Jul 2017

7 browsers that would make you more productive!

Web browser alternatives for enhanced productivity

Despite hundreds of internet browsers being out there, most users generally stick to favourites like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox.

Preferences apart, commitment to these browsers arise from strong incentives like ease of use, personalization and so on.

However, there are several browsers which offer robust and alluring features compared to these favourites.

We take a look at some of them.

In context

Web browser alternatives for enhanced productivity
Meet the developer-friendly Blisk Browser

Blisk Browser

Meet the developer-friendly Blisk Browser

Made specifically for web developers across the world, the Blisk Browser offers a wide range of features.

It allows users to build for both desktop and mobile platforms, and can be used for everything from prototyping to testing and bug fixing.

The most interesting feature, however, is its in-built analytics which can be used to monitor the code quality of a particular web page.

Tor Browser 6.0

Try out Tor Browser 6.0 if anonymity is your thing

If anonymity is your thing, then the Tor Browser 6.0 definitely steals the cake.

Built on volunteer-operated servers, the Tor Browser 6.0 is increasingly being used in interesting ways.

For instance, owing to the security which comes with anonymity, journalists use it to communicate with whistleblowers, individuals use it for sensitive web forums, the US Navy uses it for open-source intelligence gathering etc.

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A browser which allows you great customization features

The Vivaldi browser comes loaded with features to enable you to browse faster, navigate smarter, and manage tabs intelligently.

A notable feature includes visual tabs which gives you quick previews of open tabs.

It also includes a notepad feature which allows you to take notes while browsing and link them to a website.

The sidepanel feature allows quick access to bookmarks, downloads, notes etc.


Min, the smart and useful web browser

Min is a super smart browser which comes with really interesting features.

To start with, the search bar allows users to get answers to several questions immediately - the browser pools from references and tools like Wikipedia, calculator and more.

Secondly, it has a smart tab management system which dims out tabs that haven't been viewed in a while.

It also has ad block.

The ultimate productivity browser for tech professionals

Ghost Browser

The ultimate productivity browser for tech professionals

Described as "Chrome on steroids", Ghost Browser is an absolute treat for people obsessed with productivity.

The browser lets you isolate cookie jars into colour-coded tabs, thereby allowing you to run multiple sessions with different accounts on the same website - an extremely useful feature for developers, social media managers etc.

Users can also choose to stay logged into all accounts all the time.

Aloha Browser

A mobile browser that's big on privacy and security

The Aloha Browser, like Tor, is another browser which prioritizes privacy and security.

Built specifically for mobile devices, the Aloha Browser gives access to free unlimited virtual private network (VPN), enabling users to surf the web privately.

It also comes with other benefits like tabbed browsing, download managers, private tabs and the like.

Aloha doesn't log or share your activity with anyone.

A smart web browsing solution for the iOS

Opera VPN

A smart web browsing solution for the iOS

Built specifically for the iOS, the Opera VPN is a security-oriented browser which comes with an in-built ad blocker.

Apart from saving you from the hassle of targeted ads, it stops sites from tracking users and allows users to even change their virtual locations.

Furthermore, users can use the browser to get past firewalls and access blocked sites and content.

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