Five weird and unusual products made by start-ups

13 Jul 2017 | By Abheet Sethi
Weird and unusual products

Start-ups are built on the entrepreneurship spirit of finding innovative ways to solve day-to-day problems.

They create new products that both simplify our lives and improve the quality of living.

But ever so often you come across a start-up that creates a product that is just plain unusual or weird.

It may not appeal to many, is impractical but is a novelty for some.

In context: Weird and unusual products

13 Jul 2017Five weird and unusual products made by start-ups

LovePalzSo close no matter how far

Does your long-distance relationships make you go "aah!" This device will make you go "aaha!"

LovePalz is a virtual sex toy that helps long-distance couples experience intimacy.

Each partner gets a pleasure device as per their gender. These devices are hooked up to each other through Wi-Fi.

When one partner touches or "uses" a device, the other one feels it and responds accordingly.

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Magical ButterButter up to get baked, munchies scene also sorted

This product gives a completely new meaning to the Hindi phrase "makhan maarke."

Cannabis entrepreneur Garyn Angel has invented Magical Butter, a device that extracts THC from marijuana and mixes it with butter for cooking.

THC is the all-important chemical compound in cannabis that gets people high.

The Magical Butter device is super easy to use and even comes with colourfully trippy LED lights.

First Sign Hair ClipThis typical-looking hair clip might just save your life

The First Sign Hair Clip isn't weird, but it is unusual. It's meant to aid women during violent crime incidents.

It looks like a typical hair clip but contains an accelerometer, gyroscope and microphone. It's also linked to the wearer's cellphone by an app.

If its wearer is attacked, the device's sensors are triggered. Police are automatically notified and crucial audio evidence is recorded.

Flat-D Odor NeutralizerThis is just purely in public interest

We all hate it. We can't escape it, nor can we let those around us escape. But what if I were to tell you… THERE IS A WAY!

The Flat-D Odor Neutralizer is an underwear lining that diffuses the unwanted and unforgiving stench of flatulence.

According to the Flat-D's founder, 65% of all product users are women. Men, please start caring about this!

EggxerLove hard-boiled eggs, hate the yolk? Buy an eggxer!

The humble mixer/blender is an indispensable part of every Indian kitchen.

But would you like a mixer for eggs? The Eggxer allows eggs to be scrambled without breaking the shell.

But why would anyone want this? Well, it's meant for people who eat hard-boiled eggs but hate the centre yellow yolk. The eggxer ensures there's no separation between the yoke and the white.