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18 Jul 2017

iPhone 8: New leak 'confirms' what it will look like!

There have been numerous design leaks of Apple's tenth-anniversary phone, the iPhone 8, but not one had confirmed what it would look like.

Now, Forbes' Gordon Kelly claims to have "confirmed" the final design of the much-awaited smartphone.

He says the most interesting feature of iPhone 8, expected to start at $1,200, is the vertical dual camera setup.

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iPhone 8 final design "confirmed"
What to expect from iPhone 8?


What to expect from iPhone 8?

Users can expect an enlarged 5.8-inch OLED full-screen display.

At the top, it will have sensors and front-facing camera, and at the bottom the "function area" in the place of Home button, replacing Touch ID.

It will have a bezel-less design with an elongated power button, which might have a fingerprint-sensor in it.

While the Lighting port remains, the 3.5mm headphone-jack will be absent.

Vertical camera setup for Augmented Reality

Apple would replace iPhone 7 Plus's horizontal dual rear-camera setup with a vertical one on iPhone 8. This is to support better Augmented Reality where cameras that are aligned horizontally are more efficient. Kelly said the device is "expected be held in a landscape orientation."

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Other Leaks

What do the other rumors say?

Other rumors say Apple has replaced the aluminum unibody with composite glass for iPhone 8.

It would also get a wireless charging feature through the rear panel.

The Touch ID is rumored to be integrated into the display; the front-facing "3D sensor" camera will enable facial recognition.

The device, expected to come with a 3GB RAM, would be water-resistant.

Home button: The biggest talking point

While the integration of Touch ID into display is still in doubt, the size of the Home button on iPhone 8 is also expected to double. So, Apple could even use this larger Home button, instead of the elongated power button, to integrate Touch ID.

How sure is Kelly about the final design?


How sure is Kelly about the final design?

Gordon Kelly obtained iPhone 8's CAD files through the smartphone's supply chain while working with case designer Nodus.

He added the renders feature "the final design" and he "can confirm that, despite problems, fears Apple would fall back on a less ambitious 'Plan B' are unfounded."

According to 'Plan B', iPhone 8 will have a rear-facing Touch ID fingerprint-scanner, which wasn't liked by many.

Delayed production schedule

iPhone 8 will receive several upgrades and the biggest redesign ever. However, its production schedule is reportedly not promising. Due to some issues with manufacturing partners, iPhone 8's mass production is being delayed to November-December 2017. So, it will be launched only in 2018.

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