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18 Jul 2017

Google Glass is back, in a new overhauled avatar

Google Glass Enterprise is making the right noises

Proving us all wrong, Google Glass is alive and well. Although it didn't live up to the earlier hype of being the portable computer that the company marketed it to be, it's doing fabulously in its new role.

Apparently, its new iteration has been tested and deployed in the factories of some big wig US firms, such as Boeing, GE, and DHL.

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Google Glass Enterprise is making the right noises
Don't say over, until it's over


Don't say over, until it's over

So what happened? Didn't it crash and burn? The old version was there on eBay even the last summer.

Nope, it's a new day and this is a new Google Glass. It has got some nifty upgrades. It now has a better camera - 8 MP from erstwhile 5MP, faster Wi-Fi, extended battery life and spiffy new processor.

Talk about a complete makeover.


It's the new, revised version

Things above the hood have changed too. It's now modular in nature.

Now, according to the needs of users, its so-called Glass Pod can include safety goggles and prescription glasses by detaching and reattaching Glass-compatible frames.

So you have a proper two sided stuff. It's no longer geeky on one side and dud on another.

This new version is called Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

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No more playing games


No more playing games

Industries are not going gaga over it but they are curious. The biggest customers have taken it on a trial basis to see if it is actually as good as Google says it is.

However, Google's parent company Alphabet isn't losing hope on it. Project lead Jay Kothari said it was no longer an experiment. Google is now ready to push it ahead wholeheartedly.


Wait before giving verdict

The reports from the users have been positive. The Google Glass Enterprise Edition (EE) is providing proper assistive information that's needed on the work floor.

Its aiding productivity, as Google said it would. The feedback from firms and its employees suggest that Glass might be a hit this time around.

So instead of being impatient like earlier, let's see where this 2.0 journey goes.

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