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19 Jul 2017

Google brings Hire to smoothen the recruiting process of businesses

Google's Hire is a G suite popularity move

After launching Google for Jobs and the job search feature to help prospective employees to find the right job, the online giant Google has now announced a new service called Hire.

Hire is targeted at businesses, which want to streamline their internal recruitment mechanisms. It offers a detailed applicant tracking service, integrated with G suite.

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In context

Google's Hire is a G suite popularity move
Google's reach in the job market space is increasing


Google's reach in the job market space is increasing

Following the launch of Hire, the only thing that Google currently lacks is providing tools to firms with which, they can manage their job posting and also post directly on Google's newly created Jobs widget.

However, chances are thin that it will come up with something like that. It will continue its partnership with major online job portals in this regard.

G suite

Another ploy, to push its G suite

With Hire, businesses will be better equipped to converse with their candidates and check their progress during the interview process.

Ideally, it should be a perfect fit for businesses, which have integrated the use of G suite in their corporate structure.

Google also needs to push its G suite more, as it's competing with Amazon and Microsoft, which have a head-start.

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Let's see if it works

Cloud biz

Let's see if it works

As Google product manager Berit Johnson puts it, "Hire and G Suite are made to work well together so recruiting team members can focus on their top priorities instead of wasting time copy-pasting across tools."

Google has plans to double its headcount in India for the cloud business, so chances are we will get to see if Hire and others become popular or not.

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