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21 Jul 2017

A wearable device by MIT to detect sexual assault!

'Intrepid' to the rescue of sexual assault victims

An MIT researcher has created a device called Intrepid, which a person can wear on them. If their clothes are being removed forcefully, it will send an alert to five pre-selected contacts.

Manisha Mohan's Intrepid will be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. One needs to download an accompanying app.

It will also record the encounter in real-time, which can help in legal proceedings.

In context

'Intrepid' to the rescue of sexual assault victims
How does it work?


How does it work?

Intrepid works in two modes. Active mode applies when the wearer is able to respond.

If they can't respond, the passive mode sends a message to the wearer asking whether they consent.

If they don't respond, a loud alarm is activated.

If they still don't respond, their location is sent to predefined contacts. One contact gets a call with live audio recording.

Who will it be helpful for?

The device will be useful for when a person is intoxicated or unconscious or for any reason unable to respond, infants, the disabled, bed-ridden patients and the elderly, among many.

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Mohan was concerned over early curfew for women in India

The idea was based on inputs received from survivors, 338 virtual respondents, 67 volunteers and 20 trial users.

The device can be clipped on any piece of clothing. Mohan says it will survive even if accidentally ran through the wash cycle.

Her experience at an Indian institution, when she was required to be in her dorm by 6:30pm, motivated her to pursue this project.

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