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25 Jul 2017

Say Cheese! Nikon celebrates its 100th anniversary

Japanese optics and imaging company Nikon is celebrating its 100th anniversary today.

To the delight of fans across the world, the company announced the development of next-generation, high-resolution, high-speed, full-frame DSLRs, and confirmed the release of the highly-anticipated Nikon D850.

To mark the special anniversary, the company also launched a special website www.nikon.com/100th.

Let's have a look at Nikon's journey on its centenary!

In context

Happy 100th Anniversary Nikon!
Nikon began as Nippon Kogaku in Tokyo


Nikon began as Nippon Kogaku in Tokyo

On 25 July 1917, three leading Japanese optical manufacturers merged to form Nippon Kogaku in Tokyo.

The firm made its first lens in 1929; it was later renamed as NIKKOR.

NIKKOR soon became popular; it also supplied optical equipment to Japan's Army during World War-II.

In 1946, NIKKOR adopted Nikon as a brand name for cameras; in 1988, it officially became Nikon Corporation.


Nikon Model I: The first camera produced by Nikon

Nikon completed the design plan of its first camera in 1946; within less than two years, it launched Nikon Model I in 1948.

It was originally called just 'Nikon', the 'Model I' was added to its name later to distinguish the camera from other models.

It used a bayonet lens-mount system while its removable back panel allowed film-loading.

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The Space Race

Nikon contributing to manned space flight since 1971

In 1971, Nikon signed its first agreement with NASA to supply cameras for the Apollo 15 and Apollo 17 missions.

It designed Nikon Photomic FTN to suit the extreme space environments; the cameras were deployed to record the missions to the lunar surface.

Nikon's space program helped it pioneer new technologies.

In 1991, it created a DSLR, Nikon NASA F4, for the Space Shuttle.

Iconic Models

The most important and influential Nikon models

Nikon has produced many iconic cameras over the decades that have not only been loved by fans but also have been pretty innovative.

Some of them include Nikon F (1959), Nikkormat FT (1965), Nikon F3 (1980), Nikon FE2 (1983), Nikon FA(1983), Nikon F4 (1988), Nikon D1 (1999), Nikon D3 (2007), Nikon D90 (2008), Nikon D800 (2012), Nikon D750 (2014), and Nikon D5 (2016).

Largest human image of a camera in Italy


Largest human image of a camera in Italy

Nikon has set a Guinness World Record in Italy to celebrate its centenary.

1,454 people comprising fans, employees, and collaborators gathered at Palazzina di Caccia of Stupinigi to form the "largest human image of a camera."

To commemorate the occasion, Nikon also released a video today in addition to another one released earlier that showcased the company's defining moments over the last century.

Nikon's message on its 100th anniversary

Nikon said, "Since 1917, we have been creating unique value all over the world by providing consumer and industrial optical equipment." Indicating that it has a new strategy in mind, Nikon said it will now "offer not only products but also ideas and solutions."

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