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30 Jul 2017

Tesla's Model 3, the electric beauty with a 310-mile range

Automobile's future is all about electric cars. However, there are two major concerns. First is the price and second, mobility.

With Tesla's Model 3, worries have been put to rest. Its $44,000 version can do a whopping 310 miles.

That's an unprecedented benchmark and now it will be the new golden standard on which electric cars are going to be judged.

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Tesla's Model 3 is the new benchmark
It's promising and alluring


It's promising and alluring

Elon Musk is under serious pressure. Tesla has taken in more than 500,000 deposits at $1,000 a unit, a backlog that it will take a year to clear. Also, the firm is not known for timely delivery.

The first 30 customers, who were handed keys at an event, have a lot of jealous neighbors now. The best car in this price range, Tesla swears.⁠⁠⁠⁠


No more hiccups

To tackle the delivery challenge, Tesla has overhauled the manufacturing process. The factory, that used to build 50,000 Model S or Model X cars, will now produce 200,000 Model 3 vehicles.

Tesla's Model 3 has two battery variants. First is the standard one that costs $35,000 and has a range of 220 miles and the second is the $44,000 one, capable of 310 miles.

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Up for the challenge?


Up for the challenge?

The $35,000 standard Model 3 version will come late. However, the longer-range version is available now for the employees who reserved it.

There's also a $5,000 premium options package, offering you all the bells and whistles like an all-glass roof, open-pore wood décor, premium seat materials, heated seats and premium sound.

Now, the only thing left is to see if Tesla delivers on time.

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