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01 Aug 2017

Artificial Intelligence, let's talk about the elephant in the room

Artificial Intelligence should be monitored

Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Bill Gates are not regular Joes. So when they repeatedly warn you about something, you listen.

If the breath neck speed at which AI is evolving recently hasn't gotten you worried, here's a thought.

Facebook recently had to shut down one of its artificial intelligence systems for a very peculiar reason.

Here's all you need to know.

In context

Artificial Intelligence should be monitored
A new language


A new language

Facebook's artificial intelligence system was shut down because it was behaving erratically.

Researchers noticed that they had stopped using comprehensible English and were talking to each other in a language they had created themselves.

Random words, which made no grammatical sense to humans, were being understood and replied between two AI agents. They had started off with plain English but now it was different.


This is just the beginning

What's the harm if they talk to each other? Well, for starters, we will not have any idea if they are talking about making breakfast or nuking the world.

Even if things are not that bad now, let's think from a historical point of view. The birth of every modern civilization involves it developing a language. With AI developing its own, things become complicated.

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The proverbial hierarchy of things


The proverbial hierarchy of things

We are not the strongest of earth inhabitants but we are the smartest. That's what makes us the Lord in the planet and stand on top of the food chain.

With, AI developing at a rapid pace, very soon this mantle may stand on shaky grounds. This is a threat and we have to find a solution to it within the very near future.


Throwing caution in the wind

One is not suggesting that we do away with AI altogether. It's a big help in several facets of life and work. It can minimize the human errors and maximize productivity.

However, like one uses fire to make food and doesn't go about burning houses, AI should be kept under strict vigilance. The future is exciting with AI in it, but also dangerous.

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