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15 Aug 2017

Your guide to lesser known Google apps

Expanding your horizon for Google apps

While most Android users are familiar with the usual suite of Google apps which come pre-loaded in almost all Android devices, they miss out on a lot by assuming that these apps are the only ones Google offers.

On the contrary, Google offers several other apps which offer unique and useful features.

We walk you through some of these.

In context

Expanding your horizon for Google apps
Your personalized travel planner


Your personalized travel planner

As the name suggests, Google Trips is an all-in-one travel planner.

Not only does the app enable users to keep track of all their bookings like flights, trains, cars, hotels, etc, but also allows them to create personalized travel guides by combining data from Google Maps and other crowdsourced avenues.

The best part is that all this can be accessed offline too.

Opinion Rewards

Opinion Rewards for regular Play Store paid content customers

In case you purchase premium content from Google's Play Store, you might want to check out Google's Opinion Rewards app.

The app rewards users with Google Play Store credits for answering surveys.

These credits can then be used to fully or partially purchase any paid content on Play Store.

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Misplaced your Android device? No need to worry

Find My Device

Misplaced your Android device? No need to worry

Previously known as Android Device Manager, Google's Find My Device app allows users to track Android devices.

Be it a phone, tablet, or a wearable, the app enables users to remotely track their device, making it a supremely useful app to have.

Users can also control certain aspects of their device remotely - for instance, one can access it to remotely restore factory settings.

Trusted Contacts

You should consider this app for emergency purposes

Google's Trusted Contacts app is another important app you should consider having.

It allows users to add friends and family as trusted contacts.

Trusted contacts can request your location.

You have the choice of accepting or denying such requests.

However, in the absence of your response over a prolonged time period, the app sends your location to these contacts even if your phone's off.

Worried about online security? Try Google Authenticator


Worried about online security? Try Google Authenticator

In case you're worried about security in the virtual world, Google Authenticator is an app you should check out.

If you have two-factor authentication activated in your Google accounts, the app allows you to get time-bound authentication codes easily.

The app works offline and even works for some non-Google services.


Google's solution to help you be organized

If you're a person who's in the habit of taking notes and making lists, Google Keep is probably for you.

Not only does it make the process easy, the app also has handy features like color coded notes, quick to-do lists, reminders etc.

Furthermore, the app is synced to your Google account, and thus your notes and lists are available across all Android devices.

Google's app for smartphone photographers


Google's app for smartphone photographers

If you're a smartphone photographer, having good editing apps becomes a necessity.

Google, of course, also has its own photo editing app - Snapspeed.

The app comes with 29 in-built filters in addition to all the basic editing features like cropping, resizing, adjusting color, adding texts to photos, and applying various effects on photos.

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