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18 Aug 2017

Kiss Connectivity: The new wireless data transfer technology

Kiss: High-speed wireless data transfer technology

We've been using cables to transfer huge data between mobile phones over the years, though it isn't very efficient.

This could soon change! Tech-giants like Samsung, Intel, Foxconn, and 'Father of the iPod' Tony Fadell are backing a wireless technology 'Kiss', developed by Californian start-up Keyssa.

Equipped with this technology, devices only need to 'Kiss' each other to transfer data, no cables or Wi-Fi!

In context

Kiss: High-speed wireless data transfer technology

Kiss Technology

Two devices having Keyssa technology inside and a Kiss!

Keyssa says two computing devices equipped with Kiss technology when kept close to each other will allow "gigabit-sized transfers in seconds."

Large files like movies in 1080p can be wirelessly transferred within five seconds simply by "kissing" the devices.

It aims to eliminate the bulky wires and cable connectors on devices like phones and laptops which are getting thinner and lighter day-by-day.

Former Apple and Google executive Tony Fadell's statement

Tony Fadell said: "For the last 25 years, I've had to struggle with delicate metal connectors that put unsightly holes in otherwise beautiful products. I expect kiss connectivity to spark an immediate wave of industrial innovation."

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Keyssa's been working on the Kiss for five years

Keyssa CEO Eric Almgren said they raised over $100mn from Fadell and venture arms of tech companies, including Samsung, Intel, and Dolby, among others.

It has been working on the amazing wireless technology for over five years.

If successful, Kiss Connectivity can revolutionize the way smartphones are designed.

The invention could also be used in a range of other devices like tablets and laptops.

Alliance with Samsung, Foxconn for designing wireless tech for mobiles


Alliance with Samsung, Foxconn for designing wireless tech for mobiles

In October 2016, Keyssa announced it developed a wireless technology with Intel that could be embedded in two-in-one laptops.

The start-up is collaborating with Samsung and Foxconn to create a similar design for mobile phones.

Samsung's venture arm head, Shankar Chandran, noted Keyssa earlier developed the popular technology behind HDMI for video connections; he hopes Keyssa's latest wireless mobile technology becomes similarly widespread.

Shankar Chandran's statement

In an interview, Chandran stated: "Standards tend to get ecosystems built around them in a fairly complicated way. What's needed is a bunch of industry players across the value chain saying they're going to build to that standard. And that's really what we have."

Patent Conflict?

Essential Phone: The first Kiss-enabled phone?

Kiss technology could be first seen on Essential Phone, designed by the 'Father of Android' Andy Rubin.

Interestingly, Rubin's venture fund, Playground Global is an investor in Essential as well as Keyssa.

Essential, expected to launch at $699, would feature wireless data feature; it is unclear whether Essential deployed Kiss, around which Keyssa filed over 250 patents.

However, Essential denies it has used Kiss.

Chose a different supplier, says Essential

Essential stated, "(We) Considered Keyssa as a component supplier for Essential Phone and chose to proceed with a different supplier that could meet our performance specifications for the product." Keyssa met with Rubin and Essential to discuss Kiss licensing, but no deal was reportedly signed.

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