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20 Aug 2017

Father creates app to force son to answer his calls!

What do you do when your son, despite incessant messages, doesn't reply you back? Well, you either threaten to cut off his allowance or make a smart move like Nick Herbert.

This 45-year-old ended up creating an app that forces his son to text him back, whenever the latter tries to ignore him.

After all, necessity is the mother...err...father of all inventions.

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In context

ReplyASAP is, perhaps, not the best idea
What's it all about?


What's it all about?

The ReplyASAP messaging app, created by Nick Herbert, takes over the screen of the recipient's phone and keeps on sounding an alarm until the message is answered.

If the recipient turns off the phone, a message pending sign pops-up on the sender's phone.

Needless to say, if your parents are going to this extent to get their messages across, get your affairs in order.


Why was this app created?

So what led to the creation of this unique app? Apparently, Nick's 13-year-old son Ben kept screening his calls.

Ben has a smartphone and Nick believed, that would make it easier to know what his son is up to.

However, that was not the case. Ben used the phone to play games and most of the times, it was in silent mode.

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What did he do?


What did he do?

So, as a concerned father, he ended up creating this app to make sure that his son gets his messages, instead of worrying about it. It's now out in the market and other parents are also finding it quite handy.

Teenagers are obviously not finding it amusing and the app is also getting flak for intrusion and violation of privacy.


Why is it not right?

If a teenager chooses to avoid messages, one should try to understand why he/she is doing it, instead of holding his/her phone ransom.

Forcing someone to do something is not fair.

Chances are, teenagers will soon find a way around the compulsion that's being imposed by ReplyASAP. However, their relationship with parents will become more strained, if this app is implemented on them.

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