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09 Sep 2017

NFL 2017 is underway, all you need to know.

What is National Football League - NFL?

The 2017 season of the National Football League (NFL) is underway, with the Kansas City Chiefs pulling off a surprise win against the reigning Super Bowl champions New England Patriots in the opening game.

However, the season has just started and every team will be dreaming of making it to the grand finale on February 4, 2018, in Minnesota.

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In context

What is National Football League - NFL?
What is the NFL?

NFL, what?

What is the NFL?

It is USA's premier American Football competition. 32 teams take part and compete for the championship, the winner of which is decided by the end-of-season Super Bowl in February.

The teams are divided into two conferences- the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, which are further divided by regions.

Thus, there are four divisions with four teams each in both the conferences.


How to score points in NFL?

Teams, with positions in offence, have to travel at least 10 yards with the ball, and they have four attempts to do so.

Once they score a touchdown, they are awarded six points, which can extend to seven or eight with either an 'extra point' a 'two-point conversion'.

Teams attempt a field goal to add three points if they fail to score a touchdown.

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The favourites and the challengers


The favourites and the challengers

Despite losing the opening game, the Patriots are season's favourites to defend their title.

The Atlanta Falcons, whose high-powered offence is led by Matt Ryan, are another challenger to watch out for.

The Dallas Cowboys have also put together a pretty competitive team and would be looking to win the title.

Interesting facts

Interesting facts about NFL

A standard NFL game features just 10 minutes and 43 seconds of action with commercials accounting for nearly 60 minutes of the three-hour affair.

Nearly 78% of former NFL players are under financial stress or have gone bankrupt, after just two years of retirement.

The NFL is considered as a not-for-profit organization and hence, does not pay any taxes.

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