Lalit Modi reinstated as Rajasthan Cricket Association president

16 Dec 2015 | By Shiladitya
Lalit Modi's dramatic power struggle

Lalit Modi has been reinstated as the RCA president nine months after his impeachment.

Modi's return came after the rival Pathan faction withdrew the no-confidence motion which they had passed against Modi in March 2015.

Leader of the Pathan faction, Amin Pathan said his decision was "in the interest of cricket in Rajasthan".

Modi's return will probably trigger an angry reaction from the BCCI.

In context: Lalit Modi's dramatic power struggle

25 Sep 2013BCCI expels Lalit Modi for life

The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) in India, in a Special General Meeting, discussed a report filed by its disciplinary committee and decided to expel Lalit Modi for life.

The BCCI disciplinary committee comprising former IPL chairman Chiryau Amin, Arun Jaitley, and Jyotiraditya Scindia found Modi guilty of at least eight counts of "indiscipline and misconduct", relating to financial matters of the IPL.

19 Dec 2013Lalit Modi contests RCA election despite BCCI ban

Lalit Modi, despite his BCCI ban, contested the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) election on 19 December 2013, representing the Nagaur District Cricket Association.

Modi was able to contest the RCA election as the RCA is governed by the Rajasthan Sports Act 2005 and not by BCCI laws for affiliated units.

Modi's camp was confident of winning atleast 25 out of 33 votes.

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6 May 2014SC announces RCA election results

BCCI moved the Supreme Court on 28 December 2013 against Lalit Modi's candidacy in the RCA elections.

After rounds of legal battles, the Supreme Court formally announced the results of the 2013 RCA elections on 6 May 2014.

Lalit Modi was elected RCA president, winning 26 out of 33 votes.

More legal battles were expected as BCCI was pushing its claim.

6 May 2014Reacting to Modi's win, BCCI suspends RCA

The BCCI had previously threatened to suspend the RCA in the event of Lalit Modi's instatement as president.

Following the declaration of RCA election results, the BCCI indefinitely suspended the RCA and was expected to appoint an ad-hoc body to run its cricket affairs in Rajasthan.

According to Clause 32.7 of the BCCI constitution, any affiliated unit defying the Board's image can be suspended.

The most high-profile cricket official

In 2007, Lalit Modi announced the franchise-based IPL and Champions League tournaments. By 2008, Lalit Modi had become the most high-profile cricket official in the world with the sale of 8 IPL franchises fetching over $720 million.

12 Oct 2014Lalit Modi sacked by RCA

Despite Lalit Modi's landslide victory in the 2013 RCA elections, the RCA passed a resolution to impeach Modi securing 23 out of 33 votes.

The decision was probably influenced by the expulsion of the Rajasthan cricket team from BCCI's domestic matches.

Furthermore, RCA was not receiving funding (Rs.29 crore) from the BCCI for its functioning.

Modi moved the court, calling the removal proceedings illegal.

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Proceedings Separate no-confidence motion to be held

Lalit Modi's appeal to court against his impeachment by the rival Pathan faction saw the court declare the impeachment illegitimate.

Modi claimed that the proceedings were illegal because the 21-day mandatory notice period was not given prior to the special Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which impeached him.

However, the court granted the Pathan group permission to hold a new no-confidence motion with proper procedure.

9 Mar 2015Modi loses again; supporters cry foul

Lalit Modi was again impeached by 17 votes to 1 in the second round of the no-confidence vote.

A two-third majority of the total 33 votes were needed to pass the resolution, and the Modi faction were confident of securing 15.

However, Modi supporters have claimed that those against the no-confidence motion were not allowed to vote by supporters of the rival Pathan group.

16 Dec 2015Lalit Modi reinstated as Rajasthan Cricket Association president