BCCI deploys DNA fitness tests for improving cricketers' performance

13 Nov 2017 | By Vijaya

It is learnt that BCCI is having the Indian cricketers undergo DNA/genetic fitness test as a way of improving the players' performance levels.

BCCI spends around Rs. 25,000 - 30,000 per cricketer for conducting this test which has been believed to yield results.

Let's know more about what the DNA test is and how it helps the Indian cricket team.

In context: BCCI's new DNA/genetic test for cricketers

13 Nov 2017BCCI deploys DNA fitness tests for improving cricketers' performance

AboutWhat is the DNA test?

DNA test gives an idea about how 40 plus genes are related to a person's fitness, health, and nutrition. Here each player's DNA data is studied in combination with environmental data like body weight and diet, for an all-round analysis.

It is done to understand needs of each player's body to maintain a particular fat percentage; the limit for a senior player is 23%.

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DNA tests in sports

DNA test, first introduced in the US' National Basket NBA and the NFL is already being used by several top sportspeople and leagues including the English Premier League.
Examples of players who benefited by the test

BhuviExamples of players who benefited by the test

DNA test is believed to improve players' speed in fat burning, endurance, recovery and muscle building by developing a customized fitness routine.

Instances of increased fitness levels for Indian cricketers post-DNA test include pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar who has consistently played in 19 ODIs and 7 T20s, after a change of fitness plan on the basis of his genetic fitness report.