Kabaddi coach dresses like a woman to watch a match

30 Nov 2017 | By Rodney Dsouza
Man in hijab who wants to watch Kabbadi

The Asian Women's Kabaddi Championship in Iran has sparked a rage on social media not due to performances of the players but instead of the images of a man dressed as a woman.

The man, who is reportedly Thailand's coach, is seen wearing a hijab while watching the matches.

In Iran, men aren't allowed to watch women's matches, hence the coach changed his attire.

In context: Man in hijab who wants to watch Kabbadi

30 Nov 2017Kabaddi coach dresses like a woman to watch a match

Sneaky coachIran slams coach's behaviour

The Iranian Kabaddi Federation has lashed out at Thailand's coach calling this behaviour unacceptable for disrespecting the laws of the land.

The Thai coach sneaked into the arena to watch the women compete. Men watching women's matches is banned in the Islamic nation. Reports suggest that he was asked to leave once he was caught inside .

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Men and media can't watch women's sports

Hijab is a mustMen and media can't watch women's sports

Iran has imposed a ban on men and media from attending female sporting events, where the athletes compete without the nation's strict dress code. Wearing hijabs, in public,. is compulsory for Iranian women.

The condition of women is so bad that Iranian chess player Dorsa Derakhshani was barred from playing in the nation after she had refused to wear a hjijab.

Patriarchal societyIs equality just a dream in Iran?

Despite mounting pressure to lift the restrictions imposed on women and sports in Iran, nothing seems to have changed.

Women are not allowed to attend men's football matches in the country. The government claims the rule is in place to protect women from uncouth behaviour.

A similar ban was imposed on volleyball matches in 2012, however last year it was waived off.