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19 Dec 2017

#ThatWas2017: 6 remarkable changes in Cricket in 2017

What all changed in Cricket in 2017?

2017 has been a remarkable year in the world of cricket. Apart from the sizzling action across the globe, the game has seen a major revamp in the last 12 months.

From rule changes to new formats, the year 2017 has seen almost everything.

In case you have missed out on something, here is all that has happened in this year so far.

In context

What all changed in Cricket in 2017?
Players can now be sent off

Red card

Players can now be sent off

The ICC introduced a number of changes in the playing conditions of the sport this year.

Similar to football, even cricket now has red card. Umpires can send a player off the field for misconduct.

Restrictions have been placed on the size of the edges of bats and thickness. The new limits are 108mm in width, 67mm in depth, and 40mm thickness for edges.

Howler free

DRS introduced in T20Is; definition of "catch" changed

As to changes with respect to DRS, a review in Test cricket will no longer be lost in case of a decision that remains unchanged. DRS has now been introduced in T20Is.

For catches on the boundary line, the fielder has to leap from within the boundary and make contact with the ball otherwise it will be considered a boundary.

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Change in run-out rule

The helmet catch

Change in run-out rule

With respect to run-out, if a batsman, diving towards the crease, has grounded the bat behind the crease but lost contact with the ground is no more deemed as run out. The same is applied in case of a stumping.

Batsman can now be caught, stumped or run out if the ball strikes the helmet of a fielder or the wicketkeeper.

T10 and 4 Day Test

Cricket's newest formats

The world of cricket also saw the introduction of new formats in 2017.

T20 cricket is no longer the shortest format of the game after T10 cricket was introduced in the UAE this month.

The ICC has also officially introduced 4-day Test which will be played for the first time on boxing day between South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Ireland and Afghanistan elevated to full members

New Test teams

Ireland and Afghanistan elevated to full members

The ICC has introduced two Test nations taking the number of countries playing the longest format of the game from 10 to 12.

Afghanistan and Ireland elevated to full member status by the ICC.

The last nation to be granted Test status was Bangladesh in 2000. How long will they take to settle in? New Zealand took 26 years to win their first Test.

International status

BCCI takes cricket to Assam and Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala and Barsapara in Assam are the latest venues to be added into India's international circuit.

The stadium in the south of India hosted the T20 between India and New Zealand while the stadium in the north east hosted a T20 between India and Australia.

As 2017 draws to a close, one can only wonder what new promises 2018 will bring.

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