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14 Jan 2018

Saudi Arabia allows women to attend football match

Women in Saudi Arabia can finally enter stadiums

In a major victory for women rights, Saudi Arabia has finally allowed women to watch football matches in the stadium.

Women fans finally filled the stadium in the City of Jeddah to get their first glimpse of live football.

This ruling eases the strict gender separation rules in the conservative Muslim nation.

Here's more about this historic decision.

In context

Women in Saudi Arabia can finally enter stadiums
Women score the right to watch football

A victory

Women score the right to watch football

Around 300 women thronged Pearl stadium to watch the Saudi Premier League fixture between Al-Batin and Al-Ahli.

Glass panels were set up to separate the men and women in the stadium.

Saudi Arabia has some of the strictest restrictions on women and had long barred them from entering sports arenas to keep sexes apart in public.

Welcoming change

Saudi working towards women empowerment

Saudi Arabia had earlier barred women from driving, traveling as they wish and from holding several jobs but these rules are slowly beginning to change under King Salman, who became the monarch in 2015.

The country's crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman has been driving the change.

In the last 1 year, he has been trying to uplift women in the Saudi society.

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Women rights no more just a dream

Wind of change

Women rights no more just a dream

The crowned prince has employed women in prominent places and has taken away the powers of the religious police.

He has lifted the ban on women's driving, which would be implemented in 2018.

Friday's game was a win on the pitch and the stands for the women.

Saudi is finally moving in the right direction and the country is definitely in safe hands.

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