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01 Jun 2018

ICC asks Al Jazeera for co-operation regarding the match-fixing scandal

ICC seeks Al Jazeera's help in corruption probe

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has asked news agency Al Jazeera for help to probe the match-fixing scandal.

This scandal came into light after the news organization aired a documentary called 'Cricket's Match Fixers'.

The international board launched a probe last week and it believes if Al Jazeera shares evidence, it would help the governing body to investigate the scandal.

In context

ICC seeks Al Jazeera's help in corruption probe

ICC urges Al Jazeera to present evidence

"I ask Al Jazeera to release to us all the material they have...We will conduct a full, thorough and fair investigation and ensure no stone is left unturned as we examine all allegations of corruption made in the programme." ICC CEO David Richardson said.

Sting claims match fixing happened during India-Aus, Ind-Eng Tests

Massive claims

Sting claims match fixing happened during India-Aus, Ind-Eng Tests

The documentary revealed a ground staff agreeing to alter the conditions of the pitch for Tests involving top teams.

Sri Lanka's Galle stadium manager has been drawn into the controversy, while the documentary also alleges that matches between India and England in December 2016 and India and Australia in March 2017 were fixed.

Notably, no current Indian player has been accused of any wrongdoing.

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Will Al Jazeera continue to protect its whistleblowers?

"We understand and fully respect the need to protect journalistic sources and our ACU team have worked with other media companies on that basis. However, to prove or disprove these allegations, we need to see the evidence referred to in the programme." Richardson concluded.

Strict action

ICC is trying its best to curb corruption

Match fixing has been a huge cause of concern for the ICC and maintaining the integrity of the game is of utmost priority for the world cricket body.

In recent years, Pakistani trio Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif and Mohammad Amir were found guilty of match fixing during the tour of England.

They were handed lengthy bans for their involvement.

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