Russian team leaves for Rio

29 Jul 2016 | By Rishikesh Malkhede
Russia and the doping controversy

With more than 100 athletes facing a ban over the doping scandal, a much smaller Russian team left for the Rio de Janeiro on Thursday from Moscow.

The team was given a farewell ceremony on Wednesday which was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Members of the team said that their only aim is to win medals and fight for those who were banned.

In context: Russia and the doping controversy

Whistleblower speaks outDoping charges on Russian sports ministry

In November 2015, the former head of Russia's anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov openly spoke about how Russia covered up doping by dozens of its athletes at the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

He resigned after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accused Russia of cheating in athletics.

The IAAF banned Russian track and field athletes from participating in any international sport events.

Richard McLaren reportWADA calls for a complete ban on Russia

Richard McLaren, a Canadian lawyer specializing in sports law was appointed by WADA to investigate the doping allegations against Russia's Olympics contingent.

He found that all the urine samples of the athletes were tampered with and the Russian sports ministry did the cover up.

WADA requested the International Olympic Committee to ban Russia from participating in the Rio Olympics.

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IOC to decide on Russia's ban

While the IAAF upheld the ban on Russian track and field athletes, the International Olympic Committee will decide whether to ban Russia from participating in the Rio Olympics. Numerous anti-doping organizations have also urged the IOC to ban Russia from competing.
No blanket ban on Russia : IOC

24 Jul 2016No blanket ban on Russia : IOC

In a historic decision, the IOC has decided not to put blanket ban on Russia.

The IOC, in its decision said that only the athletes guilty of doping would be banned from the Rio Olympics.

The IOC has urged international federations to take decision on the Russian athletes.

The IOC also ordered full enquiry on the alleged doping cover-ups.

Lone track and field athlete from Russia

Darya Klishina, Russia's long jump athlete will be the only track and field athlete participating in the Rio Olympics. IAAF said that she meets the eligibility criteria and will participate as a neutral athlete.

28 Jul 2016Russian hosts its own Olympic games

Russian President Putin decided to set up an alternate forum for the athletes banned from the Olympics to compete.

"Stars 2016", an event starring several banned Russian track and field athletes took place in Moscow.

The competition saw the participation of 150 athletes, 67 of which were banned Russian athletes.

Participants said that the event was not meant as a protest against their suspension.

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29 Jul 2016Russian team leaves for Rio

Olympics is politically motivated : President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked the Olympics saying it has always been politically motivated and that it hurt him to not to see Russian stars at the Olympics. He also said that there has been a pure discrimination against Russian athletes in the doping scandal.

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