Bus carrying journalists attacked in Rio

10 Aug 2016 | Written by Akriti Asthana; Edited by Gaurav
Deteriorating law and order at Rio 2016

According to witnesses, a bus carrying journalists at the Rio Games had its windows shattered after being hit by an unknown projectile in an apparent attack on a highway between Olympic venues on Tuesday.

3 of the 12 journalists on the bus suffered minor injuries.

No serious injury was reported and it is still unclear whether it had been hit by bullets or stones.

In context: Deteriorating law and order at Rio 2016

Law and Order situation in Rio in June 2016

After Rio declared a state of public calamity in June 2016, there were 17,116 robberies and 376 murders as compared to 10,678 robberies and 272 murders in June 2015. Street robberies shot-up to 8,011, cellphone robberies to 1,618 and police killings increased to 74.

Reported CrimesStreet crimes on the rise

In June 2016, New York Times reported 81% increase in street robberies as compared to June 2015.

The security chief for the opening ceremony was mugged at knife-point after he left the Olympics Stadium on Friday night.

On Monday a Greek official was robbed of $11,000 in electronics equipment.

Portugal's education minister was assaulted on Saturday while taking a stroll in an upscale-neighbourhood.

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Attacks on women

Reported CrimesAttacks on women

On July 31, before the initiation of the Games, a fire-fighter was raped by a security officer in the Games Village when she went to sleep after completing a 12-hour shift.

Two Olympic boxers, Moroccan Hassan Saada and Namibian Jonas Junias Jonas, who allegedly attempted to rape 2 maids and a housekeeper working at the complex respectively, have been imprisoned and debarred from participating.

Previous attacks on the media

A bullet was shot through the roof of a media tent at the Olympic Equestrian Center on Saturday. No one was injured and officials said it was suspected to have been fired by a someone trying to shoot down a police blimp or a drone.

10 Aug 2016Bus carrying journalists attacked in Rio

Eyewitness accountSequence of events

According to the passengers, the bus was travelling from the northern venue cluster of Deodoro to the main Olympic Park in Barra da Tijuca when 2 shots were heard hitting the vehicle.

Windows were shattered which left two people with minor lacerations.

The passengers ducked onto the floor and after two kilometres a police car escorted the vehicle to the main press centre.

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Preventive measuresSecurity measures tightened at the venue

The Rio Olympic Games Organising Committee has asked the driver to provide a statement to the police.

The bus will be subjected to an official inspection by the police and preliminary results will be released.

There would be no further comments until the "objects" have been identified.

The Area Defense General Coordinator of the army and military police have increased patrols in the area.

Brazil's security measures for Olympics 2016

In June, the Brazil government doubled up security expenses and granted $850 million for the Games. Rio is deploying 85,000 soldiers, twice as many as London did in 2012 and has bought 18,000 rubber bullets, 4500 tear-gas bombs, and 4500 stun grenades for the Games.

12 Aug 2016Olympics Officer shot in the head at Rio

A Police officer and 2 others were sprayed bullets after making a wrong turn while attempting to navigate the network of slums in Rio.

The officer, who was part of Brazil's National Security Force, is said to be stable at the moment.

The other 2 officers sustained minor injuries.

Authorities launched a crackdown in the area to nab the assailants.

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