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09 Aug 2018

5 worst finishing moves in WWE's history

The worst WWE moves of all time

WWE wrestlers usually have a finishing move which wins matches for them.

For a wrestler to stand out, having an attractive and effective finishing move which catches the attention of the fans is important.

While some moves like the 'Stunner', the 'Tombstone Piledriver' or the F5 have gained iconic status, there are some which are just ridiculous and bad.

Here are 5 such moves.

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The worst WWE moves of all time
When the People's Champ fails to impress

People's Elbow

When the People's Champ fails to impress

While the Rock Bottom was featured in our list of the iconic finishing moves of all time, his People's Elbow has to be one of the worst.

Rock jumped around the ring for a couple of times, made hand gestures, and dropped his elbow on his opponent's pectoral.

The move doesn't make any sense.

We expect, rather demand, better from the People's Champ.

Mandible Claw

What was Mick Foley even thinking?

Imagine a grown man thrusting his hand inside your mouth and refusing to back down.

Many WWE wrestlers had to face this fate when they were attacked with this move, the 'Mandible Claw', by Mick Foley.

When he first asked World Championship Wrestling promoter, Bill Watts, about the move, he rightly said, "Why don't I just bite your goddamn fingers off?"

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The Great Khali's move was laughworthy

Khali Chop

The Great Khali's move was laughworthy

Except for his size, nothing was impressive about The Great Khali.

He could barely move in the ring, was not at all athletic, and had zero microphone skills.

Worst of all, his finishing move, the Khali Chop, was the ultimate disaster.

A shot to the head can be very dangerous, but the way Khali performed his move, it hardly looked impressive.


Hulkamania's ruler could have done way better than this.

Hulk Hogan is one the biggest names in the history of pro-wrestling, and WWE's present popularity owes a lot to him.

However, he could have done much better with his finishing move, which never became as iconic as the wrestler is.

Hogan, after a lot of theatrics, ran to his opponent and dropped his leg over him.

Hardly, a cool finisher for a legend.

Why was this ridiculous move even allowed by the WWE?

The Worm

Why was this ridiculous move even allowed by the WWE?

Performed by Scotty 2 Hotty, this move has got to be the creme de la creme of the worst WWE finishing moves ever.

The opponent is down while Scotty runs around, hops on one leg while the crowd spells the word "worm", then he squirms on the mat for a while before standing up and dropping a punch on his opponent.

Enough said.

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