Premier League: Know all about the new rules

11 Aug 2018 | By Rajdeep Saha
English football rules get some tweaks

The 2018-19 Premier League kicked off this weekend with Manchester United overcoming Leicester City 2-1 at Old Trafford in the first game of the season.

Saturday and Sunday see a host of matches with several teams in action.

From this season there have been some tweaks to the rules and regulations.

Let's go through what the new rules are.

In context: English football rules get some tweaks

11 Aug 2018Premier League: Know all about the new rules

Yellow cardsWhat did the yellow card rule say earlier?

Earlier the rule regarding yellow cards used to spread around the Premier League, Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

When a played accumulated 5 cards across all of these competitions combined, he would receive a one-match ban.

If any player got to 10 yellow cards, he would be handed a two-match ban and 15 meant missing three matches.

But now this has changed.

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What does the new rule state?

RulesWhat does the new rule state?

If a player is handed 5 yellow cards before game-week 19 of Premier League, then he will be handed a one-match ban in the round from December 26.

There will be a two-match ban if 10 cards are received by any player before game-week 32, with the week commencing from March 30.

If 15 yellow cards get accumulated, the player will miss 3 matches.

Here's the rule for the Cup competitions

In the FA Cup and Carabao Cup, there will be a one-match ban if a player gets two yellow cards. The criteria will be up till the quarters so that no player misses the final through yellow cards. Red cards remain unchanged though.

ManagersWhat's in store for the managers?

Cards for managers will be noted down and in case of repeated violations, the managers might face bans as well.

The Premier League will not have this rule as managers will be given verbal warnings, but the other tiers will see the introduction of this move.

The new system will also be implemented in the Cup competitions - FA Cup and the Carabao Cup.

New regulationsKnow the rules for managers

Managers will receive yellow cards for instances such as kicking the water bottle, sarcastic claps and gestures that undermine match officials.

Red cards will be meted out if any manager is involved in a violent conduct of any kind.

Notably, factors such as spitting and stopping an opponent player from restarting the game on the touchline will lead to a straight red.