Fortnite confuses players with mysterious purple cube


28 Aug 2018

#GamingBytes: Mysterious purple cube appears in Fortnite, confuses players

Epic's Fortnite Season 5 is, currently, going on and is expected to end in the first week of October.

However, with a month remaining, a new mystery has appeared.

The rift, which was created in the sky at the end of Season 4, has finally closed. However, one final bolt of lightning has given birth to a purple cube.

Read all about it here.

Purple Box

All about the box, no trouble

The purple box appeared on August 24, when the rift closed after a final lightning strike. For days, players had seen lightning in Paradise Palms.

They began to destroy cacti in a pattern and players guessed something big was coming.

The curious players began to track the box.

Apparently, it moves across the map, at an interval of an hour and forty three minutes.

If you are really interested in tracking the box

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Unpacking the powers of the box

The purple box seems to have a consciousness of its own.

Whenever players come in contact with it, they are pushed back. However, their armor gets refilled.

However, if the box is attacked, players are punished. Those who hit it with a pickaxe are knocked back and damaged by the fall.

The players, who shoot at it, are killed by bolts of lightning.

Entering the box

Locked inside your purple box, for weeks

Players even found a way to enter the box only to find it empty.

If players jump on top of the box and hit it with their pickaxe, they are launched into the air and when they fall back, they enter the box.

Since it is a glitch, the inside of the box is dark and the players' bodies do not load completely.

Is it a clue to the Visitor?

The Visitor came in Season 4 on a meteorite and left in a rocket. The arrival of an outsider and the season's tag 'when worlds collide' might be clues as the box could be a portal and we could see new worlds in Fortnite soon.

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