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11 Sep 2018

All you need to know about PUBG's Dihor Otok

A winter themed map was teased on PUBG in June. It appears the new map is being called Dihor Otok.

Data miners gathered information about the map, which promises a new terrain, exciting mode of gameplay and an explosive new weapon.

Even though no release date has been announced, the map will likely come in season 4, in winter 2018.

Here's all about it.

In context

Everything to know about PUBG's Dihor Otok map

Map layout

How big is the playing area?

Dihor Otok will be an 8 km*8 km map, making it larger than Sanhok and the same size as Erangel.

However, some players have pointed out that this is the total map size and the landmass is only 6km by 6km.

While this still makes it larger than Sanhok's 4 km*4 km, it would be a mid-sized rather than a third full-sized map.

Map terrain

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Dihor Otok will have a diverse terrain with snowy mountains in the north and lush fields in the south.

It appears to be divided by a river with several bridges running over.

With the game's attention to realism, we are sure the river will freeze up in the north.

When coupled with dynamic weather, like snowstorms, adapting gameplay to such factors will be interesting.

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Other changes

Something new also coming up

The Dihor Otok map is supposed to have a night mode, though how it will impact gameplay is a matter of speculation.

More importantly, the game will get a new 'Conquest Mode'.

This mode will involve two teams who capture one of the areas and try to hold on to it.

It is a leaf out of Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty's book.

New points of interest and an explosive addition

It appears that some points of interest on the Dihor Otok map will include villa, cement factory, castle, town, Dino Park, and Cosmodrome. Interestingly, a new explosive, C4, is also being added which will change gameplay radically.


How will you handle Dihor Otok?

Since the map has mountainous terrains, expect snipers. Stay off the snow, as footprints will make your movements easy to track.

The green lands, in the south, will be better for ambushes.

Since there is a river running through the map, we anticipate some battles in water. However, if the river freezes up north, it will be interesting to see how players adapt.

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Most asked questions

When is this map coming to PUBG mobile in India?

More questions

When is this map coming to PUBG mobile in India?

Asked on 24-10-2018 by Being Youtubers

Answered by NewsBytes

Maps are not introduced in region-specific PUBG versions. Instead they are platform specific, so when the all PUBG Mobile gamers will get it, so will Indian gamers. As for the date itself, nothing has been announced officially, but it was rumored to get a winter release, so I would hope to see it in the next couple of months.

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