Which are the best guns in Fortnite?


12 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Best guns to help you win Fortnite

Epic's Fortnite offers one of the most competitive 'Battle Royale' formats.

Some of the players in-game are pros, who have put in hours of gaming and are great with guns.

The best way to defeat them is through the right strategy. Gun selection is an important aspect, which shouldn't be ignored.

Read about the best guns, which can help you win 'Victory Royale'.

Tricks and tips

Weapon grading and techniques

The gun variants are color-coded in Fortnite, depending on rarity. The rarer the better.

Grey is common, green uncommon, blue rare, purple epic and orange legendary.

Move the guns in the inventory, so they are in earlier slots.

Slot 1 is for pickaxe; 2, 3 and 4 should be for short, medium and long-range weapons respectively.

This allows quick change of weapons in-game.

Slot choices can impact your gameplay

We suggest keeping a short-range weapon in an earlier slot because if you hear an enemy creeping up, you can use the keyboard's quick key to pull out a heavy damage short-range weapon and kill them. Slots 5 and 6 are for shields and potions.

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Assault Rifles

The balanced approach to assault

The SCAR is the best assault rifle. From fire rate and damage perspective, the legendary variant of this rifle is incomparable.

The burst and scoped assault rifles make for decent choices as well.

The thermal scoped AR is great if you get an epic or legendary version since you can read heat signatures using the scope.

The M4 should be your last choice.


Get close and personal, then blast them

Shotguns are highly effective up close, and a well placed single shot can finish an enemy.

The pump shotgun is the best for good aim since damage is great but has slower fire-rate.

Tactical is a better choice for those with bad aim, as higher fire-rate ensures more chances of hitting enemies.

Notably, the heavy shotgun offers a better range but similar damage.

Submachine guns

Efficient death machines are your best buddies

While the shotgun is best at close range, SMGs are great alternatives. Though they don't pack as much power, firing rates are really high, which means they can take out enemies in seconds.

The Compact Gun and the Submachine gun are both great choices but go for the rarer variants to inflict more damage.

The Suppressed Submachine gun is excellent for stealth kills.


A long distance deadly relationship

If you prefer sniping, make sure you have a great aim and are well hidden.

The bolt action sniper rifle is the best as one shot can kill a fully shielded enemy with complete health. The drawback is slow reload time.

The semi-automatic sniper rifle has a higher firing-rate and more ammo capacity but lower damage.

Keep bullet drop in mind while sniping.

Machine Guns

Symphony of destruction

Machine guns are better against opponent fortifications than opponents themselves. The high firing rate and ammo capacity ensure that they tear down structures in seconds.

The Light Machine Gun is the best, as it allows close-range combat, since it holds 100 bullets. Players can spray and pray and their prayers will be answered.

Neither of the two is good for long range combat.


Take matters into your hands

Some players prefer using handguns, and Fortnite has some options where handguns deal as much damage as assault rifles or SMGs. That's weird to me.

The best option is a suppressed pistol, particularly the legendary variant. It's good for close to mid-range and enemies can't hear you.

The pistol is the next best option, followed by dual pistols, hand cannons, and revolvers.


And then there were fireworks

Late in the game when enemies fortify themselves, these weapons are your best friends.

The rocket launcher is the best if you get a high ground. Pointing it at enemies' feet will ensure their death and a single rocket can take out fortifications.

Be warned, grenade launchers are harder to control and grenades can bounce back and kill you.

Choose weapons wisely and win!

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