Best landing spots in Fortnite


15 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Best loot locations and landing spots in Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the most popular online multiplayer games. Its 'Battle Royale' mode follows a simple format.

Players jump off a battle bus on to a closed map and pick up weapons and gear before engaging in combat.

The sole survivor gets the 'Victory Royale'. However, winning depends on where players land.

We bring you the five best landing spots in Fortnite.

Your choice of landing spots

Choose the landing spots depending on solo or squad play. Solo players often prefer fringe areas, with more loot and less action. Squads, usually, prefer high-action areas to rake up more kills. Your landing choice should reflect your play-style- aggressive players select high-action spots.

Tilted Towers

Brave the hail of bullets to emerge a hero

Avoid Tilted Towers unless you are a Fortnite pro, or have a death wish.

It is the most popular landing spot due to the immense loot spawns and chests. However, first-mover advantage is crucial.

Players should immediately pick up weapons as combat is always around the corner.

Smart players tend to get a height advantage in Tilted Towers as they take out unsuspecting enemies.

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Shifty Shafts

The mine shafts of treasure

Shifty Shafts is a hotbed for action, but the labyrinthine nature of the map allows players to limit engagements to one versus one.

However, if you're feeling nervous, land at the houses west of Shifty Shafts, loot and then make your way here.

Gunfights will get over by then and you can kill off the survivors, who will be busy looting enemy crates.

Lonely Lodge

Not so lonely after all

For both solo or squad, Lonely Lodge is a great landing spot. It has a fantastic supply of wood and plenty of treasure chests.

However, what makes it a tactically brilliant choice is the connectivity.

Once players finish looting there, they can loot their way through Wailing Woods or head south to hit Mystery Mansion and racetrack.

This ensures players are well-equipped.

Haunted Hills

King of the hill

Haunted Hills is popular due to low engagement rates, and more loot.

Between the cemetery, attic, and barn located there, a squad can arm itself moderately well. While this should be enough to engage in a few skirmishes successfully, players can also loot nearby places like Junk Junction before engaging.

After this, gear up and head to Pleasant Park to get yourself some kills!

Paradise Palms

Paradise is a place on earth

Paradise Palms was recently added in Season 5 and has become a favorite.

This is a vast desert area which makes spotting easy, but players might get outflanked by sneaky enemies.

Peppered with loot and chests, players can quickly arm themselves to the teeth and get some early kills.

This zone sometimes sees high-action, so land only if you can handle firefights.

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Avoid Tilted Towers

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