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15 Sep 2018

5 cool features of the FIFA 19's demo version

FIFA 19 demo was showcased recently and gamers have already gotten their hands on EA's latest release.

It is intended to give them a feel of the gameplay, so they are comfortable when the full version comes out.

The demo already contains a few features and changes that make the experience better.

We bring you the five coolest features of FIFA 19 demo.

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All about the demo version of FIFA 19

Random celebration

Mix up the celebrations after you score a goal

One of the most refreshing additions to the demo is the inclusion of a random celebration.

A single quick button, circle on PS4, can trigger this celebration.

While the diversity is a nice feature for offline gamers, it is even better for online players. Nobody likes the same celebration, every time you score.

Hopefully, this will tempt gamers to opt for fresh celebrations.

Skipping celebrations

Show them you mean business on pitch

What happens when you score a goal but are still lagging behind? You start the match as soon as possible.

Nobody likes celebrations in tight matches, especially if you're not winning. FIFA 19's demo makes this possible.

You can go to kick-off straight after scoring.

This is especially useful if you are rushed to finish your game.

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Player switch

Foresight is the key in football

FIFA 19's demo brings the most significant change- a pointer shows the next player, who will become activated, if the gamer switches between players.

It was inspired by PES and is great when you're building an attack.

More importantly, it is handy when your defense is trying to contain counterattacks.

For fans of the old gameplay, this feature can be turned off as well.


Set the rules for your own matches

Games do not have to start goalless anymore. Gamers can adjust the scores for both teams, choosing to start at an advantage or a disadvantage.

This can help them hone their play-styles of defending and attacking respectively.

They can also set the difficulty levels for AI players. However, this will also be reflected in how one's own AI team performs on and off-ball.


Emoting is the key to an immersive experience

FIFA 19 has made player animations more realistic in the game.

While FIFA 18 did have a reaction if a player was hit by a ball in the testicles, the new game has improved on it.

Players now react to pain, whenever their bodies are hit by a ball.

The realistic reaction makes the gameplay more accurate and immersive.

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