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15 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Will Fortnite Season 6 have evil mirror world?

The popularity of Fortnite increases manifold whenever Epic delivers new content.

Epic is a master of suspense and the purple cube has had gamers bamboozled for weeks.

The cube has been affectionately dubbed 'Kevin' by the Fortnite community and appears to be moving towards Loot Lake.

Now, data-mined files have given rise to a fascinating fan theory about Season 6.

Here's more.

In context

Fortnite: A fan theory predicts evil mirror world

Fan theory

What is the new fan theory?

The latest fan theory is that Season 6 of Fortnite will see the rise of an evil mirror universe.

This has been, probably, hinted at by the theme of Season 5.

Worlds colliding might be pointing towards alternate evil universes that will collide with the Fortnite world.

Further, this theory could mean a darker Fortnite, which would fit in well with the Halloween season.

Mirror effect

What is up with Brite Bomber?

Fans have discovered a Fortnite loading screen that shows Brite Bomber touching the purple cube.

The most fascinating, about this screen, is the reflection which shows a sinister and evil version of the character.

Even the unicorn on the outfit gets replaced with a dragon.

Will we get a Dark Bomber? More importantly, will that skin have to be purchased as well?

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Loot Lake

The dots connect well to paint a picture

If the entire universe is mirrored and evil, then fire will most likely replace water.

A fan hit upon this simple but interesting theory as two data-mined files titled 'lava' and 'volcano' were unearthed.

Additionally, a picture of Loot Lake with a liquid suggests a volcano might erupt here.

Lava would technically be the opposite of water, which strengthens the theory.

Check out the fan theory on Twitter

Shadow Play

The Turkish connection

A discerning Fortnite frequenter found a connection which goes back to Turkish traditional theater.

One of the new skins in-game is Hacivat. This is a reference to the shadow play named Karagöz & Hacivat.

It is themed on the contrasting interactions between two characters, who are perfect foils.

All this overwhelming evidence points to the mirror dimension theory.

Exciting times ahead.

Turkish traditional theater and Fortnite?

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