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15 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Top 5 suits and their origins in Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man has become a huge hit among PS4 gamers.

The gameplay, storyline, and visuals create an unparalleled experience. Another thing that has kept the fans hooked are the numerous suits that Spider-Man can wear as he fights crime.

These suits come with different abilities as well as look cool. Further, some of them have fascinating origin stories.

Read all about them here.

In context

Spider-Man: Top 5 suits and origin stories

Wrestler Suit

Let's get ready to rumble

Spider-Man fans know that Peter Parker was briefly a wrestler.

The death of Uncle Ben reminded him that with great power came great responsibility. Peter turned his powers to crime-fighting.

The wrestling suit is reminiscent of Peter's origins. The crude design has hints of the costume he would eventually wear.

The suit in-game is inspired by Mark Bagley's design in Ultimate Spider-Man.

Homemade Suit

Spider-Man and his 'do it yourself' adventures

Peter designed a basic homemade Spider-Man suit before he donned the beloved classic dress.

While there are many renditions of this, in different comic issues, the game has based it on 'Captain America: Civil War', the 2016 movie.

The suit tunnels Peter's vision, which helped him deal with the sensory overload in his early days.

Despite what Tony Stark says, we love this suit.

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Classic Suit

Nothing beats the classic

What's the first costume you picture when you hear Spider-Man? The iconic red-and-blue sleek design.

It was made of spandex and the first version appeared in the 1960s comic, courtesy of legend Steve Ditko.

A battle-tested suit, this look remained a constant for Spider-Man till 1984's Secret Wars, where he donned a more advanced suit.

No wonder you don't mess with a classic!

Spider-Armor Mark III

Six versus one is not fair without this suit

The Spider-Armor Mark III suit is one of Peter's most advanced creations.

Designed towards the end of his time at Horizon Labs, this would help him combat all the individual powers of the Sinister Six.

Since Spider-Man comes up against this deadly group in-game, keep this suit handy.

Notably, it has a heartbeat sensor allowing him to detect Chameleon irrespective of his disguise.

Dark Suit

Embrace the darkness

Aptly named the Dark Suit, this appeared in 2016's Spider-Man/Deadpool and was designed by Ed McGuinness.

The story follows a mix-up where Deadpool was hired to kill Peter, not knowing Peter was his friend Spider-Man.

Eventually, Deadpool retrieved Peter's soul from Mephisto, who was responsible for eliminating Peter and Mary Jane's marriage.

The soul's misadventure gave rise to this sinister costume.

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