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16 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Top perks in Call of Duty Blackout

Call of Duty: Blackout is already out in beta mode and gamers have approved of this 'Battle Royale' format.

To help gamers gain an upper hand over their opponents, there are perks available in the game. However, they appear on the map as consumables.

These perks are time bound and take a couple of seconds to activate.

Read about the perks and their uses.

In context

Best perks in Call of Duty Blackout


Health is undoubtedly wealth in Battle Royale

Anyone, who has played online multiplayer games, will tell you how important health is.

You have to survive skirmishes and low health means a few well-placed shots can take you out.

This makes 'Stimulant' the most important perk. It lasts for 180 seconds and gives players a health boost of 100.

The added health is handy in Blackout, where firefights are plenty.


Time and bullets wait for none

When you are already engaged in battle and need to revive a team-mate or heal yourself, time is the most crucial factor that could swing your victory into defeat.

The 'Consumer' perk, which is activated in 1 second and lasts for 300, reduces the time taken to loot, heal and revive mates by 20 percent.

This makes it critically useful while under heavy fire.

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Don't fall into the burning ring of fire

Nothing is worse than raking up a few kills and dying outside the playzone.

With the new Outlander perk, you can save yourself.

It will take 2 seconds to activate and last you 180 seconds. While active, the player can run faster and will take less damage for being outside.

It is a relief for players, who struggle to enter the playzone.


Take the fight to them

If you are using a knife and want to dole out some additional pain, the Brawler perk is perfect for you.

It adds 50 health for every successful melee attack.

This is useful if you are low on health and encountering zombies as players can eliminate the enemies quietly.

Notably, this perk takes a second to activate and lasts for 240 seconds.


Be aware of your surroundings

The best way to understand enemy movement is through footsteps. You must know, where they are coming from before they start firing.

'Awareness' perk does exactly that. It lasts for 140 seconds and is especially useful in close quarter combat where anticipating enemy movement is half the battle won.

It is also handy against campers and players who try to sneak up on you.

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