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16 Sep 2018

#GamingBytes: Fortnite's purple cube will bring in major changes

Fortnite's Season 5 will end with some major changes to the world.

To guess, what these changes would be, is almost impossible. However, all players agree that the purple cube will be involved in them.

Earlier, the cube had appeared mysteriously and bamboozled players. The Fortnite community has, now, lovingly dubbed it Kevin.

Read to know more about the mysteries surrounding the cube.

In context

What is happening to Fortnite's purple cube?

A little about the purple box

The purple box appeared on August 24, when the rift closed. Players touching the cube were pushed back but had armor refilled. Those who hit it with a pickaxe were damaged by the fall. Lightning bolts killed the players shooting at it.

Purple Cube

We need to talk about Kevin

'Kevin' was last spotted south of Lazy Links and is spawning another gravity field.

For those unaware, gravity fields make movement near the cube interesting, but slightly exasperating.

This is the sixth gravity field to appear and the cube has started printing the sixth rune.

The gaming community speculates that, once the rune is printed, it will move to the southwest of Pleasant Park.

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Cube pattern

Patterns I must follow, as I must breathe each breath

While the cube's movements were being tracked by players for over two weeks, they noticed an astonishing pattern.

The movement was along a cube-shaped path. Fortnite is going meta with the cube movement.

The path was tracked through the runes printed by the cube. As of now, six runes have been printed, meaning two more are left to complete the pattern.

The evil mirror theory and the runes


The evil mirror theory and the runes

The runes, which the cube has printed, are fascinating. Standing on them gives players a shield.

However, most players have concluded that the cube is bad news. It will likely be corrupted when it reaches Loot Lake.

This theory has risen from data-mined files, which shows Loot Lake being filled with lava-like liquid.

Coupled with Brite Bomber's evil reflection, the cube is pure trouble.

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