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09 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: Five PUBG facts you should know

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has reached peak popularity. Gamers, across the world, play the favorite Battle Royale over various platforms.

However, in their excitement to defeat their opponents, most gamers do not notice exciting facts about the game, or its development history.

While this knowledge won't help you win the chicken dinner, it is only right to know about the game you love.

In context

5 unknown facts about PUBG

Brendan Greene

How did the name PUBG come up?

For those unaware, Brendan Greene is the creator of PUBG. He also developed Arma 2 and H1Z1 Battle Royales, before this.

A man who likes his anonymity, Brendan is popularly known as PlayerUnknown, in the gaming community.

Rumor has it, Brendan was inspired by the default player name, 'player 1', and changed it to PlayerUnknown.

Since he designed the game, it became PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Welcome gamers, this is Battle Royale

When PUBG came out, it spread like wildfire. In September 2017, PUBG broke a world record when 1,342,857 players played PUBG at the same time. Setting this phenomenal record, PUBG overtook Valve developed DOTA 2, to become the most popular game.

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How did PUBG become so popular?

The phenomenal popularity of PUBG came absolutely free of cost.

Developers Bluehole Studios didn't spend any money on its promotion. Instead, only the word-of-mouth publicity was enough to reach the summit.

Notably, a tweet reported that 55 % of PUBG players are CS: GO regulars.

The intense shooting and unique Battle Royale experience, of PUBG, attracted fans of Counter Strike's shooter-style gameplay.


The love shown for PUBG is real

The popularity of PUBG is reflected in the copies of the game sold.

Having sold millions, PUBG quickly became one of the best selling games of all time.

Notably, this record is for the PC version only, where pirated copies of the game are strictly unavailable.

Despite recently releasing in 2017, it stands along with long-time community favorites like Tetris and Minecraft.

Phrase meaning

What is 'winner winner chicken dinner'?

All PUBG gamers aim to see the 'winner winner chicken dinner' message. However, do you know what it means?

The phrase can be traced back to the Great Depression. If people bet money on back alley craps, the winner would be able to afford a chicken dinner in times of severe financial constraints.

However, the phrase was popularized by gamblers in Las Vegas casinos.

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How to become pro in PUBG?

Is PUBG Lite available in India?

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How to become pro in PUBG?

Asked on 10-10-2018 by Sarasong Teron

Answered by NewsBytes

Regularly practice in all modes, across all maps. Most pro gamers who hone their skills put in hours of game-play practice. Also if you just want to improve without affecting your in-game scores, then play the Arcade mode in PUBG

Is PUBG Lite available in India?

Asked on 10-10-2018 by Anshul Saini

Answered by NewsBytes

PUBG Lite is not yet available in India. It is being optimized for India but is only available for now in Brazil and the Philippines.

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