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10 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: Pokemon Go teases generation 4 Pokemon from Sinnoh region

Developers Niantic will be bringing new Pokemon to the company's mobile game, Pokemon Go.

The news was put across to the audience through a trailer that teased a world of fantastic creatures awakening.

The fantastic creatures referred to are all generation 4 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region.

This marks the first appearance of generation 4 Pokemon from this region.

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In context

Pokemon Go will get new generation 4 Pokemon

The starter pack of generation 4 Pokemon

Among the generation 4 Pokemon coming to the game are the starter trio, fire type Pokemon Chimchar, grass type Turtwig and water type Piplup. The game will also be introducing Giratina, the legendary dragon and ghost type Pokemon.


A little about Sinnoh region Pokemon

The Sinnoh region Pokemon first appeared in the Pokemon series in 2006.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl were the two role-playing games where Sinnoh region Pokemon debuted.

Developers Niantic had teased Sinnoh region Pokemon a long time back, through an artwork on its official Twitter account to celebrate Pokemon Go's two-year anniversary.

The arrival of these Pokemon has no specific date but it is imminent.

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Other changes coming to Pokemon Go

Based on user feedback, the developers will bring a host of other changes to Pokemon Go.

The weather feature will not affect the rate of Pokemon appearance as much and certain areas like parks, natural reserves will have more varieties of Pokemon.

The developers also plan to tweak the defense, stamina, and health values to close the gap between high and low HP Pokemon.

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Most asked questions

When will Pokemon Go Generation 4 Sinnoh region launch?

More questions

When will Pokemon Go Generation 4 Sinnoh region launch?

Asked on 13-10-2018 by nithish shield

Answered by NewsBytes

The Pokemon Go Generation 4 Sinnoh region has already been launched. They are rolling out Pokemon in waves. As of 19th October, 26 Generation 4 pokemon are available in the game.

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