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13 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: PUBG's hotfix will solve server change problems

PUBG PC has been rolling out updates, as part of its 'FIXPUBG' campaign.

It has been trying to improve gameplay experience to retain the gamer base, which has been diminishing post the success of other Battle Royale titles.

However, its update 22, which was supposed to improve matchmaking, has received severe backlash.

To address this issue, a hotfix has already been rolled out.

In context

PUBG server problems will be fixed soon

Update 22 was useless: Shroud

Apart from the matchmaking problems, update 22 introduced radial menus, faster queue times, and re-introduced the map selection option. The most notable addition was the ranking system. Unfortunately, popular PUBG streamer, Shroud, dismissed it as 'useless'. Overall, the new update was unpopular among PUBG gamers.


The error in the matchmaking system

PUBG Corp explained the problem stating that the update was supposed to allocate players to servers with the lowest ping.

However, an error in ping calculation compounded with the wrong identification of regions resulted in gamers playing on servers, which did not provide an optimum gameplay experience.

Due to the enormous number of players impacted negatively by this issue, PUBG issued an apology.

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The solution

PUBG Corp, can we fix it? Yes, we can

The developers hope the hotfix, which is already in place, will address the issue.

It is expected to stop players from joining the wrong local region.

Once it addresses all bugs, which will take a week, the game will prioritize region selection.

To avoid queues, players will be shifted to the next closest regions, if matchmaking pools are too small in their local regions.


All eyes on optimum gameplay

Having released the hotfix, the developers said they would closely monitor the situation, 'both through data and player feedback'.

Once again, they apologized for the disruption in the gaming experience, and for inconveniences caused to their loyal gamer base.

However, it remains to be seen if developers will region-lock Chinese players, which has been another pressing demand of their Western players for some time.

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