Epic sues Fortnite YouTubers for promoting cheats


17 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: Fortnite YouTubers sued for promoting cheats

Fortnite, by Epic Games, is one of the most popular Battle Royale games.

Its immense popularity leads to several players trying and exploiting shortcuts through hacks and cheats.

Since they ruin the gameplay experience for all, Epic takes strict action including banning and legal retributions.

Recently, two YouTube streamers were sued for promoting the sale of cheats.

Read about it here.


Epic takes on cheaters with strictness

Epic has sued the YouTubers Brandon Lucas and Colton Conter, better known as, Golden Modz and Excentric on grounds of copyright infringement and breaching Epic's contract.

The developers claim these YouTubers have injected 'unauthorized cheat software' in Fortnite and are promoting hacks online.

This is in tune with Epic's strict anti-cheating policy that has seen hordes of misbehaving players being removed, since 2017.


The charges as they stand

Epic has termed the defendants as cheaters and accused them of using aimbots (automatically improved aiming at enemies) in-game.

Apparently, the accused joked about how the hacks gave them godlike powers to win Victory Royale.

However, their more grievous offense was promoting the sale of Fortnite PC hacks through videos, on Brandon's website goldengodz.com.

Reportedly, some of the hack packages reached prices of $298.

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Super strictness

Epic is making an example out of cheaters

Epic's current lawsuit shows a significant escalation in the studio's strictness as it marks the first time it is suing popular YouTubers.

Notably, Lucas complained of being discriminated against as there are plenty of other content creators, who promote hacks and cheats.

While his complaints have a valid ground, it appears Epic is making an example out of the two, to deter further transgressions.

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