FIFA 19's first major update changes bicycle kicks


24 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: All details about FIFA 19's major gameplay update patch

FIFA 19 is the latest addition to the popular EA Sports franchise. The studio had started introducing updates soon after it was released.

However, the previous updates didn't significantly change gameplay since EA wanted players to adjust well to FIFA 19, at first.

However, with adequate time elapsed, EA has now released the first major update which significantly affects gameplay.

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Bicycle kicks

The game of soccer, not Shaolin Soccer

The biggest criticism FIFA 19 had faced, since its release, was the unrealistic bicycle kicks and volleys.

Players could score with overhead kicks from corners. Further, volley crosses led to volleyed goals.

However, the new patch seeks to address the situation and make it more realistic.

EA specifically turned its attention to volleys where players completely leave the ground, for example, bicycle kicks.

The solution

How will EA fix the problem?

EA admitted that players, in-game, incorrectly take bicycle kicks without matching the agility or attribute requirements.

Only players with 80 or higher agility or a flair trait could take these shots accurately and effortlessly.

Moreover, some kicks occurred in unrealistic circumstances, like being bunched among other players on the field.

EA's update makes these kicks more realistic by reducing accuracy, speed, and spin.

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Other changes being made to FIFA 19's gameplay

EA is addressing a goal-keeping issue where keepers were refusing to pick up balls despite being in their proximity.

Keepers would also trap the ball outside penalty boxes instead of clearing. Sometimes they would not pick the ball after a tip-down save.

These glitches are being fixed and EA will release future updates to improve gameplay, notably the AI defending, which is receiving flak.

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