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30 Oct 2018

#GamingBytes: Five best PUBG ambush tips

PUBG is an intensely tactical game, which requires near military planning and accurate shooting.

When you are fighting for chicken dinner among 100 players in solos, duos or squads, you might choose to avoid engagements, focusing on survival.

However, I like aggressive gameplay. For similarly minded gamers, ambushing is a great technique to rack up kills.

We bring you five best PUBG ambush tips.

In context

The most effective ways to ambush in PUBG

The art of war demands you know yourself and opponents

Unless you have some experience in PUBG, I would suggest that you do not attempt ambushes, especially in duos or squads, where the engagement dynamics require more planning. However, the ambush tips we provide are for all three modes of gameplay. Good luck gamers!


Find that sweet spot for best results

While mounting an ambush, location choice is the most important parameter.

Make sure you have an exit strategy planned, in case the ambush doesn't go your way.

During the ambush, always shoot from behind cover, so your armor doesn't take damage from retaliatory fire.

In case of duos and squads, ensure that your position shields you from the possibility of getting flanked by enemies.

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A few good players can impregnate the impregnable

Players often hole up in strategic locations. The best way to flush out campers is planned breaching ambush.

Notably, such ambushes are always better in duos or squads.

Cover multiple entry points, keep communicating, and breach at the same time. Use stun grenades to disorient your enemy before breaching.

In solos, lob plenty of grenades and wait for the enemy to exit before shooting.

Loot bait

Falling for it hook, line and sinker

What happens if you have good loot, want kills, but don't meet anyone? Bait them.

Find open ground in urban areas with surrounding camping positions, then drop some loot, preferably health items, weapon attachments.

Once players try to collect these, ambush them.

Notably, now with the flare gun, you can call an airdrop and ambush enemies as they try to loot your supply crate!


Don't let the hunter become the hunted

During an ambush, don't spend too much time aiming through scopes.

While scoping, your view of surroundings is severely restricted. This leaves you open to attack from other players, perhaps members of the same squad or duo, you are ambushing.

On a similar note, while scoping, keep your ears open for nearby sounds of footsteps. If you hear them, change your position immediately.


Knock, knock, knocking on killers' doors

We left the easiest ambush technique for last. This works across all modes and all stages of the game.

Once you enter a house, close the door behind you. Loot it and lie in wait, if enemies are nearby.

When they enter the house, looking for loot, you can kill them.

However, for house ambushes, stay away from windows lest enemies spot you beforehand.

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