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03 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: Black Ops 4 introduces micro-transactions

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released sometime back and the anticipated addition to the popular franchise was received positively by gamers and critics alike.

However, the micro-transactions, which the game studio Treyarch had announced earlier, are finally here for PS4 and will arrive for other platforms next week.

Notably, they have caused some discontent among the players.

Read all about the micro-transactions here.

In context

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 introduces micro-transactions


All about the micro-transactions

The micro-transactions in-game are called Call of Duty Points.

Treyarch has outlined that they can be used to buy Nebula Plasma in the Zombie mode, for accessing Special Orders in Black Market and advancing through Black Market's cosmetic tiers.

This has enraged gamers who realized Treyarch had purposely slowed the game's progression to urge players to spend money to progress through Black Market tiers.

The tier system and the cost

The game has 200 tiers, each costing 100 points to cross. The real cost of these packs is 13,000 points costing Rs. 8,047. Moreover, 5,000 points would cost Rs. 3,312. Further, 1,100 points are priced at Rs. 804, and 200 points for Rs. 170, approximately.

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Micro-transactions are also allowing for indirect payments

One of the aspects of the Black Market tier progression is Reserves, which is CoD's version of supply drops.

Players cannot buy these directly but since they can pay to progress through tiers, they are indirectly buying them.

Notably, these Reserves will only yield one random item which will be cosmetics like sprays, gestures, outfits and weapon skins and not perks, weapons and equipment.


A page out of Fortnite's book

Treyarch's focus on micro-transactions seems to be a page out of Fortnite developer, Epic's book. It recently attracted investors for high micro-transactions in-game.

Treyarch even brought its version of 'Fortnite Battle Pass' titled 'Special Orders'. Notably, this didn't appeal to gamers.

Being free-to-play, micro-transactions in Fortnite work.

For a full-priced game like Call of Duty, forcing players to spend seems greedy.

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