PUBG tips to remember at playzone borders


04 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: Five PUBG tips to follow at playzone borders

PUBG or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds follows the classic Battle Royale format where gamers have to loot and win in solos, duos or squads while remaining inside the shrinking playzone of the map.

However, gamers sometimes find themselves on the borders of the playzone. How they act determines whether they live to see the next shrink.

Read our tips to survive the borders of the playzones.

Out of sight out of mind

The playzone is the map's playable zone and being caught outside it damages your health. Time your movement correctly to make your way into the playzone with time at hand. If you are cutting it close, don't hesitate to use vehicles to drive into playzones.


Cover your bases on the edges

The moment you enter the playzone, look for cover, irrespective of whether the blue circle has damaged your health or not.

This is because enemies might camp on the edges of the playzone to kill late arrivals.

If you have taken damage from the blue circle, heal yourself. If not, take cover all the same and start scoping the surroundings for possible enemy activity.

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Urban areas

Avoid the urban areas

Sometimes when you enter a playzone, you will see urban sprawls in front of you.

While the greed to loot might draw you to the buildings, it is smarter to avoid them.

Urban areas, after playzone shrinks, inevitably have campers and if they spot you, you will die.

Run around these areas, or if you entered the playzone in a vehicle, drive speedily past.

Kill stragglers

The early bird catches the worm

If you re-enter the playzone with time in hand or just as the blue circle reaches its edges, we advise you to take cover and aim your guns at the blue circle.

There will be some stragglers who arrive later into the playzone and you can rack up some kills this way.

Notably, opponents are caught between your bullets and the playzone, ensuring death.

Stealth entry

Make the last leg on foot

If you have time on hand and are closer to the borders of the playzone, then ditch the vehicle you were traveling in and cover the remaining distance on foot.

This will give you the element of stealth and surprise.

Further, the border campers will not hear you coming, if you crouch and move the last few steps.

Second shrink

Never say never to playzone shrinks

Sometimes if you are too late to enter the playzone after a shrink, you will see the second shrink starting.

If you didn't have a vehicle till this point, we suggest you heal and immediately look for a vehicle or start running towards the second playzone.

If you already have a vehicle don't ditch it. Stop, heal and drive right into the next playzone.

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