These wrestlers hated working with each other


05 Nov 2018

Five WWE wrestlers who hated working with each other

Not every WWE superstar loves all of his colleagues and performs seamlessly regardless of the opposition.

When one is in such a tough job and running on a hectic schedule, tensions are bound to be created.

There have been instances where wrestlers have refused to work with each other because of their personal issues.

Here are the WWE wrestlers who absolutely hated working together.


Kamala had once pulled a gun on Andre The Giant

Kamala had once pulled a gun on Andre The Giant

Two 1980s heavyweights, Kamala and Andre The Giant were superstars who hated working with each other.

Reportedly, during one of their matches, Andre had made the affair into a real fight, and Kamala got so agitated that he pulled a gun on Andre backstage.

From then onwards, both held a spite against each other. Fortunately, the gun was never put to use.


Jeff Hardy and CM Punk's issues got personal

Jeff Hardy's substance abuse was well-known.

When he was feuding with CM Punk, the latter mocked his habits on television.

This worked well because of his straight-edge persona of abstaining from any kind of intoxication.

Punk was also hesitant to work with Hardy because he took too many risks inside the ring.

For these reasons, they never liked working with each other.

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You cannot kill, but surely can offend the Dead(man)

You cannot kill, but surely can offend the Dead(man)

The Undertaker was, for long, the leader of the WWE locker room. He is still considered the benchmark of dedication in WWE.

Diamond Dallas Page (DDP), who was feuding with Taker during the Invasion storyline, had a habit of writing down moves before a match and wanted Undertaker to follow it.

Taker got angry and later made the career of DDP fade into oblivion.


Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior could not stand each other

Hulk Hogan was infamous for his huge ego and refusal to share the spotlight with others.

And The Ultimate Warrior was one person, who revolted against this.

In an interview, Warrior claimed that Hogan did not want anyone else to step into his spotlight.

Thus the tensions between them grew as Warrior was a huge star in the early 90s.


Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart truly despised each other

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart truly despised each other

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart's rivalry is probably the most bitter in the history of WWE.

The feud reached the climax at Survivor Series 1997 during the Montreal Screwjob.

Michaels went on to insinuate Hart by claiming he had an extramarital affair with WWE diva Sunny.

It is sad that two of the greatest wrestlers spent their primes quarreling instead of producing classic matches.

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