Which are the best landing spots in PUBG?


11 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: Best loot locations and landing spots in PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or PUBG is, probably, the most popular 'Battle Royale' game of 2018.

A hundred players are dropped into a shrinking map and they have to emerge winners. Players can go solo, in pairs or as squads.

As players are dropped from the battle plane, the landing spot determines looting and survival inside the game.

Read about the best landing spots in PUBG.

Maps and landing spots depend on playing styles

We will focus only on 'Miramar' and 'Erangel' as these are the two maps accessible to players across all platforms. The best landing spots are not definitive. They depend on a player's mentality and game style. Our choices help to survive longer in the game.


Know the maps and the zone divisions

Erangel is a grassy map with urban complexes, perfect for ambushing.

Miramar, an open desert map, is a sniper's paradise. However, there are urban complexes as well.

Both maps have high and mid-risk zones. The unmarked houses are the lowest risk zones, perfect for beginners.

High-risk zones have better loot opportunities but more players, mid-risk zones will have some loot and considerably lesser players.

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How to pick your landing spot?

Pick your landing spot based on your skill and style. Battle Royale is about survival. Avoid popular landing spots, as early gunfights might kill you. Instead, land on fringes, grab some loot and stay inside the playzone. Kill stray players for loot and points.

High-risk Erangel

Land, loot, kill and conquer in Erangel

Erangel has several tough spots.

Pochinki is legendarily difficult. Most pros head to this dense urban area at the map's center. Expect a lot of combat and some of the best guns.

Sosnovka Military Base is located at the fringes. However, availability of tier 3 armor draws lots of players.

The school and prison are enclosed spaces with great loot but high-paced action.

Medium-risk zones

Your best shot at survival in Erangel

Georgopol and Novorepnoye are great for loot and survival.

Located a little away from the main action, these buildings take time to search but have some decent gear and weapons. The distance from the main action means not a lot of players go here.

Lipovka and Yasnaya Polyana are two great choices as they offer great loot and luckily not many players go there.

High-risk Miramar

The way to dusty death

Los Leones is the Miramar equivalent of Pochinki. The urban area has some of the best guns. On the downside, enemies camp in buildings and shoot you even before you gather loot.

El Azahar and El Pozo are easier than Los Leones but still see a lot of action at the start of a game.

Unless you shoot quickly and spot well, stay away.

Medium-risk Miramar

Your best chances at surviving Miramar

Hacienda del Patron and the buildings outside San Martin are smart picks. A few scattered buildings, out of the main way, means not many people land here.

Loot freely and kill anyone you see.

Impala and Chumacera have closely packed buildings, but their fringe locations render them safer. Both spots promise pretty good loot armor.

These places are safer at the beginning.

Pro tips to survive the landing spots

If you choose the high-risk zones, get a first mover advantage. Land as fast as possible and pick up basic loot so you can shoot enemies when they land. If you are choosing the fringe areas, keep an eye on the shrinking storm circle.

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