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14 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: All you need to know about Fortnite's update 6.30

Fortnite developer, Epic Games, keep its popularity in the competitive Battle Royale genre by adding new and exciting content through updates, which also improve gameplay experience.

In this light, Fortnite is planning to release a new update titled 6.30.

The server will go offline for a couple of hours and this update is expected to bring a host of changes.

Read about it here.

Mounted Turret

A brand new weapon comes to Fortnite

The Mounted Turret is coming to Fortnite as we reported.

The gun will remain fixed and is expected to have unlimited ammo but will heat up if used constantly.

We expect it to provide suppressive fire but do not expect shot accuracy to be high.

Notably, since the turret is fixed, it could be categorized as a trap instead of a weapon.

Controller joys

Brand new keyboard and mouse support for Xbox players

At the X018 event, which was held recently, Microsoft announced that Xbox One would support a mouse and keyboard.

It further confirmed that the new controller support would be added to the Fortnite game, presumably after this update rolls out.

Microsoft's Larry 'Major Nelson' Hryb said, "Fourteen titles have announced they plan to have Xbox keyboard+mouse support including @FortniteGame, landing later this week".

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Other changes

Other changes coming to Fortnite

The new update will fix some existing bugs.

The First Downer Pickaxe has been experiencing a looping audio in Xbox One while players have also complained of being unable to use emotes while in the game's lobby.

Epic will most likely address both these issues in this update and we expect them to be resolved.

Notably, this update will also reveal new skins.

Gameplay changes

How will these changes affect gameplay?

The Mounted Turret is expected to make player defenses tougher to breach while giving users an option to place it behind closed doors and mounting an ambush on unsuspecting looters.

The keyboard and mouse compatibility for Fortnite on Xbox One will definitely see an improvement in shooting accuracy, as mouse cursors make aiming much easier.

These gameplay changes signal exciting times for Fortnite players.

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