Five easy building tips to remember in Fortnite


14 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: Five tips for better building in Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games has taken the Battle Royale genre by storm with its unique approach. While some detractors have shown disapproval of the arcade-like gameplay, Fortnite brought a new aspect to this format, setting it apart from competitors.

Yes, we are talking about building. Without building structures it is impossible to get the Victory Royale.

We present five easy building tips.

The materials required to build

Fortnite Battle Royale offers 3 kinds of materials that can be used in building, wood, stone, and metal. The structure strength depends on materials used, wood being the weakest and metal is the strongest. Wood is the most easily available in-game, and metal is rare.


Know when to build your structures

Though building in-game is not everyone's forte, myself included, there are players who enjoy building sprawling bases.

It is important to know when to build. We suggest avoiding wastage of materials on elaborate structures, towards the game's beginning, since you must evacuate during storm eye shrinks.

Opt for occupying enemy bases instead of constructing your own, because you are exposed to attacks while building.

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Building on solid ground

Enemies always shoot at the base of structures to ensure destruction. Therefore, you must fortify your bases.

We recommend building on existing structures or using metal for bases. You can also build walls to protect it from enemy fire.

Further, do not build extremely high structures, as they fall if the base is destroyed, and a drop from a great height will kill you.

Quick structures

Build first, shoot later

The natural reaction when being shot at in-game is to hide and look for the source of enemy fire. However, Fortnite spices things up with the building aspect.

If opponents fire at you, quickly construct a basic structure like a wall, for cover.

You can edit the structure and add windows and doors to it, so you can shoot your enemy from behind cover.


Buying a stairway to Victory Royale

One of the crucial structures in-game is stairs.

Not only do they help players reach otherwise inaccessible places for loot, but also help them overcome geographical challenges like steep mountains while outrunning the storm eye shrink.

Stairs also give players a height advantage in firefights, but since they are easily destroyed and offer little cover, players should be careful while fighting from stairs.

Structural advantage

The best structure for the endgame

Towards the endgame, it is mandatory to build structures. We suggest quickly entering the storm circle and building a tower, preferably a spiraling tower, which saves resources but makes for a compact and solid structure.

Added with the tower's height advantage, ensure that walls are constructed in the structure's open spaces to prevent exposure.

Notably, build stone or metal walls for added durability.

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