'Black Ops 4' is getting rain, night maps


25 Nov 2018

#GamingBytes: 'Black Ops 4' is getting rain, night map versions

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has maintained popularity in the gaming community after a successful release.

Although its Battle Royale, Blackout, is attracting the limelight, the multi-player mode holds a dear place among old school gamers.

To keep interest peaked, Treyarch will keep on releasing new post-launch content and according to data miners, the studio is launching two map variants.

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Leaked maps

The data miners work their magic

The two map variants, that data miners discovered, are night and rain versions.

Digging through Treyarch game files, the data miners discovered the two variants which came with images as well as gameplay videos.

While we normally caution readers to take leaked files with a pinch of salt, the presence of the gameplay videos pretty much confirms, that map variants will be added eventually.

Map variants

What are the map variants we see?

Data mined files have turned up two variants, one in Seaside, and the other in Firing Range.

Seaside, the Mediterranean town, is shown to have rain against a picturesque summer backdrop portraying a sunset.

On the other hand, Firing Range, the map from the previous three Black Ops games, is getting a makeover with the introduction of the brand new night mode.

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Gameplay changes

How will the variants affect gameplay?

The night variation in Firing Range is bound to adversely affect visibility, thus making spotting players much more difficult. Notably, night vision goggles could be included to aid a balanced gameplay.

More interesting is the rain variation. The sound of rainfall could mask sounds of movement, allowing players to move undetected.

However, rain would affect visibility, and splashing sounds could give away your positions.

Release date

When are the map variants coming out?

Although the existence of the alternate maps has been confirmed, we are unsure when and how Treyarch will roll them out.

These maps should ideally be part of the free seasonal updates. However, they could also be made part of a community event.

If developers are feeling particularly discriminating, the variants would be made exclusively available to premium season pass holders.

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