PUBG Miramar: Five underrated landing spots


02 Dec 2018

#GamingBytes: The most underrated landing spots in PUBG Miramar

PUBG is one of the most tactically challenging Battle Royales.

When you are trying to win chicken dinner among 100 players, in solos, duos or squads, both looting and choosing engagements wisely become important.

Miramar's vast open spaces demand players loot early, before engaging.

While popular landing spots yield high loot, they are also high-action areas.

Here are five underrated landing spots in Miramar.

Our choice of underrated spots

We have listed a series of underrated places in Miramar, based on their distance from the high action places. Notably, they will require some skilled landing but these spots usually yield good loot and are uncontested by opponents, since they are out of the way.


Building up from the ruins

On the far west side of the map lies the Ruins.

Most players avoid it since there are almost no vehicles and it is usually left outside the playzone after the first shrink.

However, since players don't even bother to go there, this place offers close to zero risk and a large array of assault rifles.

However, mind the shrink while looting away.

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A place with no name

On the east side of Miramar, a little off the coast near Impala, are three unmarked islands.

If the flight path is close to the islands you can go there, or take boats to this spot.

Players avoid these places due to the hassle.

However, lucky looters will, in all likelihood, pick up optimum loot without the fear of running into opponents.


We want to break free

Located in an extreme corner of the map, Prison is not on the top of the list of landing spots due to its distance from the playzone.

However, there are vehicles present here to quickly re-enter the playzone.

Importantly, the loot present in the Prison consists of high-end gear and weapons and is sufficient to arm yourself and your entire squad.

La Cobreria

The city of gold

Tucked in the top corner of the map, La Cobreria is slightly away from the playzone.

However, the apartments and school building in the city give players a lot of looting options.

There are vehicle spawns too, in case players need to quickly re-enter the playzone.

Solo players can land in the western part of the city to avoid encountering opponents while looting.

Unmarked houses

Luck strikes in the strangest places

All over the map, there are clusters of unmarked houses. They provide moderate loot, which is sufficient for a solo player or even when in duos. Avoid these places in squads, as the loot is insufficient.

Moreover, since these places are not marked on maps, players avoid them due to landing difficulties. Opt for larger unmarked houses in the playzone's center, for safe looting.

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