Gamers should avoid these mistakes in PUBG


06 Dec 2018

#GamingBytes: Five mistakes you should avoid in PUBG

PUBG provides gamers with one of the most intense tactical experiences, in solos, duos and squads.

While players try to survive among 100 combatants, all aiming for the chicken dinner, any slip up could lead to an inevitable death.

Therefore, it is important to try and avoid these commonly made mistakes while playing PUBG.

Read the tips we provide, here.


It's a Battle Royale not a carnival

The in-game store offers a range of colorful outfits that look really cool and can be used by gamers to reflect their personalities.

Although outfits give a creative mode of expressing your individuality in-game, bright cosmetics make players stick out like sore thumbs.

This makes spotting and killing much easier.

Pick outfits that help you blend with the surroundings, for a stealthier, safer gameplay.

Shooting technique

Auto mode often means auto missing

When you meet an opponent in PUBG, don't smash the shoot button.

The instinct is to fire weapons in auto modes to deal maximum damage. However, this is ineffective outside immediate close ranges, due to the heavy recoil which messes with gun control and shot accuracy.

Instead, opt for a burst fire mode or a single tap shooting technique for better handling and accuracy.

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Noise cancellation

Silence is golden in PUBG

One of the easiest ways to get detected in PUBG is through the noise.

Avoid rushing into battle, guns blazing, because you become an easier target to take out.

Instead, crouch, move quietly, flank your enemies and kill. Further, try to use misdirection so enemies don't know, where you are coming from.

Towards the game's end minimize movement, and try using only suppressed weapons.


Ditch the vehicles and go on foot

While vehicles are great in PUBG if you need to travel long distances or run over unsuspecting players, they are dangerous towards the middle and the end of the game.

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid vehicles.

Since most players manage to loot good scopes, weapons, and armor, as the game progresses, being in a vehicle just makes you more conspicuous and an easier target.

Air drops

High value loot is also high risk

A common instinct, players have, is to rush towards the airdrop, since it yields the highest damaging weapons and the best armor.

However, these situations often lead to skirmishes all around the air drops as everyone tries to grab the loot, and inexperienced players get killed.

It's easier to camp around the edges, scope the area and kill approaching players before claiming the loot.

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