Five Vikendi tips you should know


12 Dec 2018

PUBG: Five things to know about the latest map 'Vikendi'

PUBG players can rejoice as the game just got its fourth map, Vikendi.

The latest addition to the tactical Battle Royale is a snow map. It is expected to affect gameplay accordingly.

PC gamers can have a go at it while the map is on the test servers before fully releasing on December 19.

Here are five things to know about Vikendi.

Map size

Size matters in PUBG matches

Vikendi maintains a seemingly perfect balance when it comes to size.

Measuring 6 by 6 km, it is smaller than Miramar or Erangel's 8 by 8 km maps, but larger than Sanhok's 4 by 4 km map.

As the size affects gameplay, Vikendi provides a nice balanced combination of quicker gameplay than Erangel and Miramar while retaining the tactical approach that Sanhok often lacks.


The perils of driving in snow

The snow map brings its set of complications.

Vehicles tend to become more slippery in snowy and icy areas. While acceleration here is slower, players begin to lose vehicular control as they speed up.

Notably, the two-seater snowmobile has been exclusively added to Vikendi and is best for travelling in snowy and icy areas.

Unfortunately, the vehicle does not perform well on other terrains.

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Following the snowy trail

As we expected, the snow is going to make player positioning really interesting to understand.

Since vehicle tracks and footprints will appear once players cross snow-covered areas, it will be easier to know the enemy position and the direction.

However, it would be wise to remember that tracks disappear after a while so be careful of enemies who might be lying in ambush nearby.

Assault rifle

A brand new gun for a new map

Players who preferred the SCAR-L as their go-to assault rifle, have to change their choice.

It has been replaced by the G36C, holding 30 5.56mm bullets in the magazine but can be increased to 40 with an Extended Magazine.

Though it cannot attach a stock, it has a lower and an upper rail.

Use in the training zone before handling the new weapon in-game.

Item spawn

Spawn rates in the new map

Every PUBG player knows how important looting is to the game.

The new map has a balanced spawn which means players do not have to search as much as they did in Erangel and Miramar, yet the loot is not as easily available as Sanhok.

Further, level 3 vests spawn more on the map as do smoke grenades among other throwable items.

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Which is the best place for fighting in Vikendi map?

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Which is the best place for fighting in Vikendi map?

Asked 2018-12-15 19:28:19 by Nirusha Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

Any place is a good place for fighting. But I would suggest areas where the enemy cannot take cover very quickly. Also try and have a height advantage before engaging your enemies.

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