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15 Dec 2018

#GamingBytes: Five PUBG tips for better enemy spotting

PUBG offers one of the most intense Battle Royale experiences and if you wish to win the chicken dinner among 100 gamers, spotting enemies is pivotal.

Seeing or locating your enemy before they see you gives you a tactical advantage in the upcoming fire-fight and increases your chances of survival.

With that in mind, we bring you five PUBG tips for better enemy spotting.

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PUBG: Tips to improve enemy spotting


Check your surroundings before landing

Once players jump out of the plane at their desired landing spots, they head straight for these places.

However, it would be wise to look around in the air before landing to see if any other enemies are headed to the same spot.

In case too many players choose the same spot, it is always possible to drop elsewhere nearby and avoid early confrontations.

Track noises

Hear your enemy's footsteps before you see them

We always stress on the importance of sound in PUBG and this is because you can hear enemy footsteps before actually seeing your enemy.

Keep a sharp ear out and you can hear movement, before seeing the sign of enemy footprints on the mini-map, if they are close by.

Personally, I find it easier to anticipate enemy direction through sound rather than sight.

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Muzzle flash

Muzzle flashes give away enemy position

When you are being fired at, it is easy to panic and swerve wildly around, looking for the source of gunfire.

However, unless the enemy is using a compensator, flash hider or suppressor, they are bound to give their position away while shooting.

Look for the flash from their muzzles, which should be bright and contrasted against the immediate surroundings, to locate enemy position.

TPP viewing

TPP: Ideal way to spot enemies is to press Alt

When playing in a Third Person Perspective or TPP, an ideal way to spot enemies is to press Alt and access the 360-degree view.

Therefore, when running from one spot to the other, instead of running blindly, lock onto the sprint button and use the 360-degree view to keep looking around for any signs of possible enemy activity or movement coming from nearby.

Map knowledge

Map familiarity helps in spotting enemies

Players should be familiar with the map to help in spotting enemies.

For example, if you get shot from far away, try to scope elevated areas or overwatch positions, which are preferred by snipers.

When you take enemy fire, look at these areas first.

Notably, also check areas that you had not checked thoroughly when scoping your surroundings.

Chances are, your enemy is there.

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